O'Carroll: 'Agnes Brown has never left Finglas

Brendan O'Carroll has said it's the "grip on home" that makes his much-loved character Agnes Brown relatable to Irish viewers and admits "she's never left Finglas".

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on Friday's Late Late Show about the phenomenon that is Mrs Brown's Boys, the 64-year-old star said there is a special bond between Irish audiences and the award-winning show.

"We get to go to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, and all over the place with the show. When Irish people come to the show, they feel like they are coming home," O'Carroll said.

"It's that grip on home that distinguishes Agnes. She’s never left Finglas."

"We go and we do the show on the BBC and they haven’t a clue in the UK where Finglas is but I don’t care," he laughed. 

"I know where it is, and the people in Finglas know, that I will never ever deny Finglas."

"It's that grip on home, If you’re from Kilkenny - you’re from Kilkenny. If you’re from Wexford - you’re from Wexford. 

"There’s a fabulous Irish club in Toronto and the motto on the club is 'Country first, county second’ – that’s very much what Irish people are like when they are away.

"That’s even what we are like when we are at home," he added.

To mark 20 years of Agnes Brown, Friday night's Late Late also featured an energetic performance from Mrs Brown's Boys D'Musical, which featured cast members including Jennifer Gibney, Eilish O'Carroll, and Danny O'Carroll, along with a host of familiar faces.

You can catch the full interview and performance HERE
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