EXCLUSIVE: Head of BBC Films Christine Langan talks Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie, denies a sequel is in development

Flickering Myth co-editor Luke Owen sits down with Christine Langan, Head of BBC Films, to talk about Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie…

It wasn’t press screened for critics prior to its release and when the reviews came out, it was perhaps clear why. However, that hasn’t stopped Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie being a roaring success at the box office. The movie has enjoyed a second week at the top of the charts and has taken around £10 million in total, with talk that a sequel is already being worked on.

I sat down with Christine Langan, Head of BBC Films, to discuss the success of the movie and whether a sequel could be in development…

LO: I’ll assume you’re pleased with the box office numbers for Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie?

CL: “We’re thrilled with the result. And the new numbers that came out today with the successful second weekend are really great. We’re also thrilled for Brendan [O’Carroll]. He’s a man with a loyal fanbase and we’re hopeful that the word of mouth will spread further so the success continues.”

Did you expect this level of success for the movie?

“Well, you don’t count your chickens before they hatch, but we hoped that it would perform well. It’s a big achievement. It’s also good counter-programing against things like the World Cup. And it’s a feel good movie for the summer, so it’s not surprising.”

There were rumours of a sequel before the movie had even come out, are these plans being pushed forward?

“I should think so, but there is nothing formal yet. I’m sure Brendan is working on a story of where we can take the character and I know we’d all be up for doing a sequel. But I can’t confirm at this time.”

Do you think the success of the movie will spur other sitcoms to attempt the big screen?

“Yes, possibly. There could be a knock-on effect. The success of the movie could make writers think that perhaps they could go bigger, but you have to be careful. With Brendan, it was particular as he is a big character and he already had a big fanbase. Comedy is tough, but when you get it right, you get it right. I can’t say that we have other projects in mind, but I would be aware of “copycats” if you will, who might try and cash in on the success.”

Aside from the fanbase, why do you think Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie has been a big success?

“Well I think you have to look at Brendan’s success on stage. He took this character on enormous runs and there is a knowledge of what the audience want and there is an advantage in that. I think the movie speaks to both of those audiences – the ones who went to see it live and the ones who watch it from the couch. And both have gone to see it in droves and I hope they continue to do so.”

And lastly, why wasn’t the movie press screened?

“That wasn’t our decision, that was Universal. I’d imagine they though that it wasn’t a film made for critics and so they didn’t feel the need to play the game. They just gave it to the fanbase who we knew would appreciate it. They just cut out the middle man (laughs). The reviews haven’t been… great, but it’s the people who see it that matter.”
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