BBC wants a Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie 2

With over £10m banked and counting, BBC Films has confirmed it wants a sequel to Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie...

The unstoppable charge of Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie at the UK box office continues, with the film now having banked over £10m, and continuing to draw in audiences. It's little surprise then that BBC Films, who backed the project, is keen for a follow-up, even if there isn't one quite ready to go just yet.

Christine Langan, the head of BBC Films, was asked by Flickering Myth if plans were being pushed forward for a sequel. "I should think so", she admitted, "but there is nothing formal yet". She added that "I'm sure Brendan [O'Carroll] is working on a story of where we can take the character and I know we'd all be up for doing a sequel. But I can't confirm at this time".

The immediate plan for the Mrs Brown's Boys team is an arena tour which is playing in the UK in 2015. After that, don't be surprised if the second movie gets going.

Langan was also asked why the film wasn't press screened, and she said that the decision for that rested with Universal pictures. "I'd imagine they thought it wasn't a film made for critics so they didn't feel the need to play the game. They just gave it to the fanbase who we knew would appreciate it. They just cut out the middle man. The reviews haven't been.... great, but it's the people who see it that matter".

The full interview with Christine Langan is here.

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