Brendan O’Carroll wife: ‘The show heals’ Mrs Brown’s Boys star on working with husband

BRENDAN O’CARROLL’S wife Jennifer Gibney has opened up about her experience working on Mrs Brown’s Boys alongside her husband, as the actress insisted any “bad humour” between family members “never goes on stage”.

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Jennifer Gibney, 55, and Brendan O’Carroll, 63, have been working together on Mrs Brown’s Boys since the show first aired on the BBC back in 2011. The couple also act alongside several of their family members on the show. However, Jennifer, who plays Cathy Brown in the series, admitted the cast occasionally get into “bad humour” with one another. Explaining the family dynamic exclusively to, the actress said: “We’re a family we’re not the Waltons, we’re the same as any other family but the great thing is it never goes on stage.”

In spite of the occasional argument, the star went on to say working together on the show “heals everything”.

Jennifer continued: “It’s hard to do a fun energetic show and come off and still be in bad humour.

“Everyone comes off stage on such a high so the show heals everything.”

Addressing the camaraderie between her husband Brendan, who plays matriarch Agnes Brown, and Paddy Houlihan, 35, who plays Dermot, she said: “Paddy Houlihan is as much a messer as Brendan and the two of them are giddy on stage – watch out. 

“They work together and get an idea between them.

“You can see it in their eyes when they look at each other so we know we’re in trouble so Paddy is definitely up for a laugh.”

Elsewhere, Jennifer admitted she “struggles” to keep a straight face when she acts opposite funny man Brendan.

The Cathy Brown star said: “He is very mischievous and makes everybody laugh. 

“I have to be particularly careful because some people can laugh and get on with the scene.

“If I start to laugh it could be five minutes before I recover.”

Jennifer revealed her other half knows exactly how to make her laugh on set.

She added: “I have to try really hard but obviously because he’s my husband he knows how to get me and he usually gets me with physical gestures.

“He’ll start to imitate everything I do, so if I flick my hair he flicks his hair.

“He does everything that I do and that makes me extremely giddy so he knows how to get me.

“I struggle really hard not to let go because if I do the show stops for five minutes. You just have to keep your wits about you.”

The actress also addressed the surprising moment she first saw Brendan dressed as the Irish mammy for the series.

Jennifer divulged: “She’s a complete character in her own right and although I said, ‘Oh god I wasn’t expecting that,’ when I saw her coming out at the top of the stairs, half of that you just accept.”

Everyone comes off stage on such a high so the show heals everything.

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