Rory Cowan opens up on fears he could be diagnosed with dementia like his later mother Esther

"It is never ever far from my mind. I always think I might get it"

Rory Cowan has told of his fears of being diagnosed with dementia, the illness that his mother sadly died from.

The Dublin actor lost his mum Esther to dementia last November after she battled with the condition for many years.

And Rory admitted that he worries one day he could be diagnosed with it, too.

"It is never ever far from my mind. I always think I might get it," he said.

The former Mrs. Brown's Boy's star was 60 during the week and said he is embracing turning the milestone age.

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"I've no problem with it. I'm absolutely delighted. I don't look 60," Rory continued to the Irish Daily Star.

"I have a very good life. It isn't as if I am struggling and getting older."

Rory opened up to RSVP Magazine prior his mother's sad death , telling us that recent holidays and special occasions with her had become extremely precious.

 "I know my mother doesn’t have many more holidays left, so each one is important. I want to build up my memories of her at Christmas, on her birthday etc," he told us at the time.

"When she was healthy and when I was younger Christmases and birthdays just came and went and one year blended into the next and old memories fade or blend into each other. But these last few years I want to build up memories I can draw on in the future for when things are different."

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