Brendan O’Carroll wife: Jennifer Gibney opens up about 'escape' with Mrs Brown's Boys star

BRENDAN O’CARROLL’S wife Jennifer Gibney revealed her favourite activity to take part in with her husband, as the Mrs Brown’s Boys actress described the hobby as their “escape” as a couple.

Jennifer Gibney opens up about 'escape' with Brendan O'Carroll (Image: GETTY)

Jennifer Gibney, 55, and Brendan O’Carroll, 63, are often kept busy as they create new material together for their beloved TV series Mrs Brown’s Boys. However, when the couple get the chance to enjoy some down-time, they indulge in their shared passion for golf. Jennifer, who plays Cathy Brown in the BBC comedy, opened up about her and Brendan’s love of the sport to, explaining: “We love golf, it’s our escape. “When we’re at home we play golf most days. It’s one of the few places you can go and people know you’re unavailable on the phone or by email.”

We give each other a run for our money, I’m a little bit competitive with him.
Jennifer Gibney

 The couple, who are currently living together in Florida, are based near to a golf course and manage to fit in plenty of practice.

Jennifer added: “We’re not doing a lot of golf on the road but we did.

“We live in Florida and we played quite a bit there because we live right by a golf course, so we had a lovely few weeks of being able to practice.”

In spite of their enjoyment of the game, the actress admitted she can get “competitive” with her husband over the activity.

She said: “We give each other a run for our money, I’m a little bit competitive with him.”

The star was recently given an opportunity to show off her golfing skills in the Celebrity Cup, which was held at Celtic Manor earlier this month.

Jennifer Gibney and Brendan O'Carroll competed in the Celebrity Cup (Image: GETTY)

Speaking before the competition, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant addressed her anticipation for the tournament.

Jennifer divulged: “I’m really excited because last year I was ill at this time and I’d never played myself so I was determined to get my handicap down to 18, which I have to do in order to compete. 

“So I worked on that to get my place on the team and I was incredibly nervous and about 20 minutes before I started I was in the changing room and my legs were shaking and I’m going, ‘Why did I do this, why am I doing this voluntarily?’” 

Fortunately, the actress managed to get over her nerves as she looked forward to taking part in this year’s event.

She concluded: “I got that out of the way and it’s such a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful weekend, so although I’m nervous I’m really excited. It’s a great fun weekend.

Jennifer Gibney and Brendan O'Carroll share a passion for golf (Image: GETTY)

“We’re hoping Ireland will win it this year because we haven’t before.”

The Mrs Brown’s Boys favourite also opened up about her experience working with Brendan, who plays Irish mammy Agnes Brown in the series.

Admitting she “has to be careful” when filming alongside her husband, Jennifer explained: “He is very mischievous and makes everybody laugh. 

“I have to be particularly careful because some people can laugh and get on with the scene.”

The TV personality added: “If I start to laugh it could be five minutes before I recover. 

“So, I have to try really hard but obviously because he’s my husband he knows how to get me and he usually gets me with physical gestures.”

Jennifer then went into detail about Brendan’s mischievous antics, as she continued: “He’ll start to imitate everything I do, so if I flick my hair, he flicks his hair.”

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