Paddy McGuinness admits daughters ‘rule the roost’ at home with wife Christine

Who run the world? Girls (Picture: Getty)

Paddy McGuinness has said his daughters are the ones in charge in the McGuinness house, leaving him at the ‘bottom of the food chain’.

 The Take Me Out presenter appeared on All Round To Mrs Brown’s to chat about his new gig on Top Gear, when he lifted the lid on his family hierarchy. 

‘My girls rule the roost in our house, I am definitely bottom of the food chain,’ he told Mrs Brown, ‘Any bloke out there with daughters knows exactly what I’m on about. 

‘I have a dog’s life in our house. Me and my son stick together and we just do as we’re told basically.

 ‘We just cower in the corner and let them get on with things.

’ Paddy has two daughters with wife Christine – Felicity, 3, and Penelope, 5. The couple also have a son, Leo, who is Penelope’s twin.

 Twins Penelope and Leo have been diagnosed with autism, a condition their mum has campaigned for awareness of ever since.

Paddy held his own among the chaos of Mrs Brown’s house (Picture: BBC)

It’s been different than other parents,’ the 31-year-old model explained while on Good Morning Britain. ‘The first four years certainly – I feel terrible saying this – but I felt more like a carer not a mum.’

The couple have decided not to have any more children (Picture: WireImage)

As a result of their children’s autism, Paddy and Christine have decided three kids is enough.

‘Not because we don’t want another autistic child,’ the mum-of-three insisted during an appearance on Loose Women. 

‘But we are stretched because the children do have autism, it’s hard to manage your time.’

 As well as Take Me Out – and his new role on Celebrity Juice – Paddy is set to take over from Friends star Matt LeBlanc as host of Top Gear alongside former cricketer Freddy Flintoff.

‘It’s a bit strange, but it’s an amazing gig. I was so thrilled to be asked,’ said Paddy of his new job. ‘I used to watch it as a kid with my dad and it’s one of those shows that’s a real British institution. 

‘When the call came in I didn’t even have to think about it.’

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