Brendan O’Carroll: Mrs Brown’s Boys star on ‘falling out’ with wife Jennifer Gibney

BRENDAN O’CARROLL, who appears as Agnes Brown on Mrs Brown’s Boys, has been married to wife Jennifer Gibney for 14 years and now the pair have opened up on falling out with one another.

Brendan O’Carroll spoke about 'falling out' with his wife Jennifer Gibney (Image: GETTY • WENN)

Brendan O’Carroll, 63, stars alongside his wife, Jennifer Gibney, 54, on Mrs Browns Boys as she plays his on-screen daughter, Cathy Brown.

And the couple admitted they fall out whilst working together, but never let it have an impact on their work.

When asked if they ever fall out while appearing alongside each other on the show, Brendan told the Metro: ”Oh god yes.”

Jennifer added: “We’re not The Waltons. It’s funny because even when we’re doing the live show, there’s something magical about doing the show.”

You’re looking at each other going, ‘Well what were we going on about?'
Brendan O'Carroll

Opening up about forgetting their arguments, the actress continued: “It doesn’t matter, you can be shouting at each other right when you walk through the door, and then as soon as you get on the stage, it’s never ever brought on stage.

“And by the time you’re finished you’ve forgotten what you were arguing about.”

Brendan agreed with his wife and said: “You’re looking at each other going, ‘Well what were we going on about? I can’t even remember’.”

Brendan tied the knot with Jennifer in 2005, following his previous marriage to Doreen O’Carroll from 1977 to 1999.

The actor has three children from his previous marriage, Danny, Fiona and Eric.

Their first son, Brendan, died from spina bifida when he was just a few days old.

Brendan O’Carroll and his wife Jennifer Gibney both star on Mrs Brown Boys (Image: GETTY)

Elsewhere, Brendan admitted he thought Jennifer was “frosty” when he met her as he found her “serious” about acting.

“She was so serious that I christened her Frosty,” the comedian told the RTE Guide a few years back.

After becoming friends whilst working together on The Course, love blossomed between them.

Meanwhile, Brendan recently revealed he didn’t want to star as Agnes Brown in Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The Irishman explained the woman who was penciled in to play Agnes was off sick with a kidney infection when they did a reading for the show.

Appearing on Lorraine last month, Brendan said: "I thought I would do her lines and then when she was better we would dub her lines in.

"So just for authenticity, I did that voice, that Mrs Brown's voice, and when it went to the edit it was the editor who said, 'Who's that actress playing Mrs Brown?' and I said, 'Don't be ridiculous. That's me’.”

The star admitted he was reluctant to take on the role when the show was picked up but he soon changed his mind.

He said: ”I got a guy who was a great make-up artist, and I said, 'Make me up as Mrs Brown as you see her – no mirror – and when you're finished I'll turn around and look in the mirror and if I don't see Mrs Brown, then I'm not doing this’.”

"So I turned around, looked in the mirror, and there was my mother looking back at me."

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