We're doing a Mrs Brown's Boys play, with songs' - Stars reveal D’Musical details

Mrs Brown's Boys stars Brendan O’Carroll and Jennifer Gibney have revealed details about their upcoming musical.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical is set to begin touring at the end of March and will come to Belfast in November before hitting Dublin in December.

O'Carroll and his wife Gibney appeared on This Morning to discuss the musical and what audiences can expect.

"We're not putting on Chicago or Les Mis. We're doing a Mrs Brown's Boys play - with songs," said Gibney, who plays Mrs Brown's daughter Cathy. "It's still going to be funny."

O'Carroll, who plays the famous Dublin matriarch, explained that the musical picks up from the end of the film where Mrs Brown won a court case to save the Moore St traders from developers.

But Agnes now has to pay her legal fees "so she is trying to find ways of raising money," says O'Carroll.

"She joins a site that she thinks is called GoFundMe but didn't realise there was no 'k' in Fund.

"And she puts Cathy's phone number on that site.

"Then she comes up with the idea of 'we'll do a musical'. And the family are all involved.

"Some of the songs that are written for it I'm really happy with."

O'Carroll adds that writing the songs was a new experience.

"I didn't know whether to write the story and slot the songs in, or write the songs and build a story around the songs so I kind of did both simultaneously."

O'Carroll said he finished the show last Monday and it begins Thursday week.

"We started rehearsing literally on Tuesday after I finished the show," he said.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical is in the SSE Arena, Belfast, November 22-24 and the 3 Arena, Dublin, December 13-15.

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