Jennifer Gibney doesn't know what to expect on All Round to Mrs. Brown's

'All Round to Mrs. Brown's' star Jennifer Gibney has admitted she has no idea what' going to happen on air, but she always had faith in husband Brendan O'Carroll's comic creation.

Brendan O'Carroll and Jennifer Gibney

The 54-year-old actress reprises her role as Catchy Brown in the comedy talk show - which stars her real life husband Brendan O'Carroll as her on-screen mum Agnes - and she described working on the spin-off programme as "the weirdest experience".

Appearing on BBC Radio 2's 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon', she said: "Honest to God, it is the weirdest experience to play Cathy Brown playing a chat show host.

"I can't rehearse because I don't know what the guests are gonna say when I ask the questions, and I don't know what Mrs. Brown is gonna say. It literally is just going out there blind and hoping for the best!"

Despite the uncertainty on air, Jennifer said she was always sure the talk show's predecessor - sitcom 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' - would be a success.

She added: "Yeah, I knew that there was something about 'Mrs. Brown'. There's a warmth about it as well which draws people to it. It was just such fun to do."

Meanwhile, Brendan - also appearing on the show - opened up on his favourite comedians, name dropping 'Not Going Out' creator and star Lee Mack but insisting there is no "such thing as bad comedy".

He said: "There's not a comedian that I don't like. I love Lee Mack. Lee has funny bones, he's just naturally funny. We like comedy in general and I don't think there's such a thing as bad comedy."

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