Brendan O’Carroll threatened to quit Mrs Brown’s Boys over mammy Agnes’ costume

Brendan O’Carroll almost didn’t play Mrs Brown (Picture: ITV)

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Brendan O’Carroll has revealed he was never meant to play Agnes and almost came close to throwing in the towel before he even began the show.

 The 63-year-old actor revealed to Lorraine Kelly on her programme on Monday morning that he filled in for the lead role on the radio show as the star was off sick with a kidney infection.

 ‘I thought I would do her lines and then when she was better we would dub her lines in,’ Brendan started. 

‘So just for authenticity, I did that voice, that Mrs Brown’s voice and when it went to the edit it was the editor who said, “Who’s that actress playing Mrs Brown?” and I said, “Don’t be ridiculous. That’s me.”

Brendan said he wouldn’t do the play if he didn’t like Agnes Brown’s costume (Picture: BBC)

But Brendan was very hesitant to play Mrs Brown on stage for the first time and threatened to quit if he didn’t ‘see’ the character when he was dragged up.

 ‘I got a guy who was a great make-up artist, and I said, “make me up as Mrs Brown as you see her, no mirror, and when you’re finished I’ll turn around and look in the mirror and if I don’t see Mrs Brown, then I’m not doing this,”‘ Brendan explained.

 ‘So I turned around, looked in the mirror and there was my mother looking back at me.’

Last week, Brendan revealed how mammy Agnes gets away with all her cheeky one-liners and today he spilled how he gets his showbiz guests to open up. 

‘They get so disarmed by this old woman talking to them,’ he told Lorraine. ‘They feel very, very comfortable.’

 Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher made a surprise appearance on All Round To Mrs Brown’s over the weekend, where she made the accidental blunder of mistaking Ireland as part of the United Kingdom. Too comfortable, perhaps?

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