Former Mrs Brown’s Boys star Rory Cowan reveals he won’t be watching Christmas special of show and says ‘it’s behind me’

The panto star, 59, walked out of the comedy in July 2017 after ­playing Agnes Brown's g@y son Rory for 26 years on TV and stage

 FORMER Mrs Brown's Boys star Rory Cowan has revealed he won’t be watching his old sitcom at Christmas.

Rory left the show last year

And Rory — who was later replaced by actor Damien McKiernan — told the Irish Sun: "To quote the famous panto line: It's behind me.

"I'm proud of the work I did on the show but I've moved on. I won't be ­watching the Christmas specials."

Dubliner Rory admits he still gets asked for selfies by fans of the show but the only time he sees Mrs Brown's Boys is when clips turn up on social media.

He added: "I know why people like it and I laugh but you wouldn't get me sitting down to watch it."

Rory said he won't be sitting down to watch the Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special

And Rory — who is currently playing Dame Polly in Dublin's Olympia Theatre panto — said he would also turn down any comeback to the show.

It comes after creator Brendan ­O'Carroll this week told how one fan suggested that both Rorys should star in a Christmas special together.

But Rory said: "I've never met ­Damien McKiernan who replaced me, and I won't be acting opposite him either as I wouldn't go back to do Mrs Brown. I've moved on in my life."

The star made the decision to walk out on the sitcom to care for his beloved mother Esther, who was ­suffering from dementia.

Rory pictured with his late mum Esther

However, Rory faces a tough first Christmas without her this year as she tragically passed away last November.

He said: "I'm working all through Christmas with Christmas Day my only day off which will help.

"I remember when I was 18, telling my mother I was thinking of going away for Christmas. 'Don't go', she said, 'I want my family around for Christmas.'

"So for 40 years after, I spent every Christmas with her because I'd never have forgiven myself if she had passed away without me.

Rory spent every Christmas with his mum

"But after so many Christmases together, it is hard realising my mother is no longer here. Even though when I went to see mum last Christmas Day, she wasn't even sure what day it was, because of the dementia."

And Rory said the biggest consolation he had about his mother's passing was that she ended her days in her own home, getting round-the-clock care that cost Rory and his family €1,000 a week.

He said: "It was wonderful I could afford to have my mum at home because it gave me peace of mind.

"I would have been terrified if she was in a nursing home because you hear all these stories of people being slapped and abused.

Damien McKiernan replaced Rory on the show with the storyline that he had had plastic surgery

"I could find the best nursing home in the world, where it would never ­happen but I would still wake up, ­worrying about her and end up driving out there in the middle of the night to check she was okay."

Rory said it was after the death of his dad in 2009 that he first noticed a change in his mum, who was later diagnosed with early-stage dementia.

He recalled: "Looking back, there were little stages. Mum took a fall and couldn't remember anything about it. She went to the doctor and they fixed her up but it could have been a mini stroke because we never did any tests."

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