When is the Mrs Brown’s Boys 2018 Christmas special on TV?

Everything you need to know about the Christmas special of the nation’s best-loved sitcom

Mrs Brown’s Boys has become a key part of the BBC’s Christmas schedules since the comedy first landed on TV back in 2011.

Having spawned three series, several Christmas specials and a movie in 2014, star Brendan O’Carroll is even planning a live musical version of Mrs Brown’s Boys in 2019.

The Irish sitcom has ruled the Christmas TV ratings too: 6.8 million viewers watched Mrs Brown’s Boys on Christmas Day 2017.

While O’Carroll, 63, has turned his attentions to fronting spin-off chat show All Round to Mrs Brown’s, he has suggested that he could be prepared to put an end to the hugely popular sitcom.

Could this Christmas special be the last we see of Mrs Brown’s Boys? Here’s everything you need to know…

When is the Mrs Brown’s Boys 2018 Christmas special on TV?

While the Christmas television schedules are yet to be finalised, the festive special of Mrs Brown’s Boys is likely to air on Christmas Day on BBC1 as it has done in previous years. Last year saw the special air at 10pm.

As in previous years, a New Year’s special is also expected to air on New Year’s Day.

What’s going to happen in Mrs Brown’s Boys?

Again, official details are yet to be released regarding the plot of this year’s Christmas special, but O’Carroll teased in June earlier this year that Mrs Brown could be set to go to war with technology when someone buys her an Amazon Alexa. Whether that storyline makes it to the final show remains to be seen…

Will Mrs Brown’s Boys be cancelled after this Christmas special?

In short, no.

O’Carroll has confirmed that the BBC has planned Christmas specials of the hit comedy through to at least 2020.

Speaking to The Mirror in 2015, he explained, “I am lucky enough that I can grow into the part and so that is nice. I have been commissioned to write another two Christmas specials and the BBC are expecting Christmas specials up until 2020.”

However, O’Carroll has also admitted he could “kill off” the show should the BBC believe it is no longer a big enough draw.

“We are booked to do Christmas specials for the BBC until 2020 but if they go, ‘We are going to drop you as we don’t think it’s strong enough’, then I’d kill Agnes off,” he told the Daily Star this year.

“Our final episode would be the funniest show I’ve ever written for the first 24 minutes.
“Then the last four minutes would break your f***ing heart.”

For those missing their Mrs. Brown fix the titular character will be fronting the third series of popular chat show, All Round To Mrs Brown’s, in 2019.

Mrs Brown’s Boys returns at Christmas on BBC1

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