Mrs Brown’s Boys could end after next year’s Christmas special reveals Brendan O’Carroll

Creator Brendan O'Carroll said that he'll focus on his spin-off All Round To Mrs Brown's

 The creator of Mrs Brown’s Boys has revealed that the show could end after next year’s Christmas special.

Brendan O’Carroll said that he’ll focus on his spin-off All Round To Mrs Brown’s.

D’news is in folks, d’announcement some people have been waiting a long, long time for – Mrs Brown’s Boys could finally be coming to an end.

Brendan O’Carroll, the show’s creator and star, recently revealed he’s planning to focus on his talkshow, All Round To Mrs Brown’s, rather than the popular BBC sitcom, which he developed from a radio play he wrote (called Mrs Browne’s Boys), in 1992.

Mrs Brown’s Boys has been running since 2011, and was even adapted into a film – 2014’s Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie – and a touring stage show. Despite poor reviews, the show has become an international success, being broadcast as far and wide as America, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Iceland.

O’Carroll’s foul-mouthed character, along with her eccentric family, has proved to be a surprise hit for the BBC, with the show’s producers encouraging O’Carroll to do more due to its success.

The rise of the talkshow seems to be impacting the sitcom, however, as O’Carroll recently said in an interview, as per d’Sun:

[All Round To Mrs Brown’s] is becoming more of a sitcom and more of our characters are creeping into the show.

 After this year’s Christmas special then, it seems the sitcom will be drawing to a close. O’Carroll however, isn’t about to the kill off the character, and has plans for the future.

Speaking to UNILAD about the talk show, he said:

Since the success of the television series the BBC and independent production companies were on to us for a long time. We always said no as Mrs Brown doesn’t leave the house.
Then we thought, why don’t we do the talk show but not leave the house? We then made a pilot and were taken aback when it worked.
By the time we got to the second to last episode we got asked when we would like to record a second series.

Not content with just the one Christmas special, O’Carroll also revealed he’s committed himself to two specials episodes, so there’s always that to look forward to this festive season.

But without the sitcom filling the airwaves, the cast and crew are embarking on another tour. And this time, there’ll be singing.

Speaking about what he’s doing next, O’Carroll added:

We have a few weeks off on paper but I have to write the two Christmas specials for this year.
More importantly, we start touring in March next year with Mrs Brown’s Boys: D’Musical? I’m writing that this summer and so looking forward to it.

By the way, the question mark after the title of the musical is not a typo. The musical’s title is a question that’s not really a question. Read into that what you will, if you think the show has any depth worth reading into.

So it seems Mrs Brown and her boys won’t be barging their way into your living room any time soon (or after Christmas, at least). Instead, you’ll have to buy tickets to see them doing their thing on stage which, y’know, is your choice. So that’s something.

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