Mrs. Brown Boys’ front man Brendan O’Carroll ‘is back’ and up to no good in For Facts Sake trailer

Mrs Brown is back. Well kind of.

Mrs. Browns’ Boys’ frontman Brendan O’Carroll is turning the game up with a game show, after being snapped up to front new BBC panel show For Facts Sake.

The Quiz show will see Brendan host quizzes about ‘ordinary people and their amazing facts.’

Audience members join celebrity experts and the Mrs. Brown’s Boys cast to play the game and although ‘Mrs. Brown’ herself makes an appearance for the trailer, Brendan is ditching the wig and the padded bra, and appearing as himself as the main man of the quiz.

Will we be seeing Mrs. Brown in the show? (Picture: BBC)
Brendan is being let loose to be his authentic self and we are so here for it, but the trailer for the show proves that Mrs. Brown is supportive but skeptical of his new adventure.

The funnyman can be seen rehearsing his lines nervously in the dressing room – with his real name on it – when his alter ego pops out of nowhere.

‘You just go out there and be anybody but yourself,’ Mrs Brown said to Brendan.

Mrs. Brown supports Brendan the best way she knows how (Picture: BBC)
Brendan replied with a ‘Thank you, Mrs Brown’ before the mischievous woman added: ‘Nothing to fear, except the audience.’

Oh, that Mrs. Brown sass is back even if it might just be for a tiny bit.

Mrs. Brown then sniffles that her ‘work here is done,’ as Brendan takes on the stage in a suggestion that the character won’t make an actual appearance on the show.

Mrs Brown is back for a new panel show (Picture: BBC)
Brendan is not the only Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ regular who’ll be showing up either – as other cast members will be heading up the two teams as they go up against each other in a bid to outdo  them with their knowledge of fascinating facts and true trivia.

‘I’m really excited to be doing a show where I don’t have to wear a bra!’ Brendan quipped.

Charlotte Moore, Director of Content said: ‘I can’t wait for Brendan O’Carroll to bring his own inimitable warmth and wit to a brand new comedy panel show for BBC One.’

The show starts next week and given the continued popularity of Mrs. Brown’s Boys – which won the festive rating battle with almost 7m viewers tuning in on Christmas Day – we’re guessing this one could be a rating hit too…

For Facts Sake begins on Monday 15 October on BBC One at 9:30pm.

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