Boy George’s mum leaves All Round to Mrs Brown audience in tears with heartwarming story of him coming out

Agnes, played by Brendan O’Carroll, is touched by 
the sweet story by Dinah (Picture: BBC)

Boy George’s mum stole the show on tonight’s All Round to Mrs Brown’s as she revealed her pride in her son coming out.

  The singer brought along his mammy Dinah to the comic character’s ‘house’ for the last in the series of the bizarre talk show, but left Agnes choking up as she remembered how George came out. Over a cup of tea, Agnes, played by Brendan O’Carroll, asked her how she felt when George revealed he was gay to her.

Boy George beamed as he heard the story (Picture: BBC)

She revealed she had a clue for a while, and he told her when he was eleven years old. As George sat in the living room listening in to their chat, Dinah said: ‘He came in and he said to me one day “you know I’m different”. ‘I said “what do you mean?” he said “well, I don’t like girls I like boys” and I went “well that’s your choice isn’t it?” and he said: “is that alright with you?” ‘If that’s the way God made you son, that’s fine by me. You’re my son, I’ll always love you.’

The duo were clearly still extremely close (Picture: BBC)

Agnes and the audience then burst into a round of applause, with the Irish granny visibly touched by the moment and Boy George beamed from the other side of the set. Breaking his knack for a comedic comeback, Brendan said: ‘You have no idea how many gay boys are out there looking at this tonight and thinking “I wish she was my mother”.’ Proving to be too precious for this world, Dinah responded: ‘I wish I was.’ ‘We’ll get their names and addresses and send them on to you,’ Agnes replied, bringing the jokes back to the show.

Dinah even shared baby pics of George (far right) as a kid (Picture: BBC)

George grew up in a busy household with Dinah having five sons and one daughter – and she insists she’s proud of all of them. Talking about her son’s career, she said: ‘I always swore I’d allow my kids to make their own way in life and not be restricted.

‘I was restricted in everything I wanted to do and I promised I’d never do that with my children.’ ‘I don’t know what you wanted to do,’ said Agnes. ‘But you’re a great mother. You really are.’

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