RTE star reveals secret plan to reprise ICONIC Mrs Brown role one last time – before hopes dashed with shock show exit

 The Fair City star also revealed he developed a painful condition during training

RORY Cowan was set to play Rory Brown one last time on RTE’s Dancing With The Stars before being first to get voted out.

It would have been the only time the former Mrs Brown's Boys star took on the role of his sitcom alter ego since quitting the show seven years ago.

Credit: Crispin Rodwell - The Sun Dublin

He was set to dance with pro partner Jillian Bromwich, who was to play household favourite Agnes Brown, aka Brendan O’Carroll.

And it could have made for a poignant swan song after Rory announced his retirement from TV at the age of 64.

However the Mrs Brown's Boys D’Movie dancing spectacular, scheduled for the upcoming DWTS Movie Night, hit the skids when Rory was first to be voted out.

Speaking exclusively to The Irish Sun, Rory told us: “I’m absolutely sick with disappointment.

“I was praying I wouldn’t get voted off because I wanted to do this so much....I’m devastated it didn’t happen.

“The producers of Dancing With The Stars had all the clearances from the BBC to let me do it.

“I’m sure Brendan would have loved to see me doing Rory again.”

Rory said he had chosen Mrs Brown's Boys D’Movie “cause it’s the only film I’m in”.

The Dublin star would have once again donned the colourful outfits worn by Mrs Brown’s gay son.

Rory told us: “I was going to walk out as Rory Brown and say ‘how-a-ya Mammy’ like I did on the show for years, and have my partner, Jillian, dressed as Mrs Brown.

“We were then going to clink glasses before doing a foxtrot to Hail Rain or Sunshine by The Script which is from Mrs Brown D’Movie.

"I think viewers would have loved it."

The Fair City star has also revealed he developed a painful foot inflammation condition called plantar fasciitis during training.

Rory told us: “It got so bad I needed a pain-killing injection in my heel on the Friday before the first live show.”

Judge Lorraine Barry had intervened to help after spotting that he was in agony.

'Pain was gone'
Rory said: “After seeing all these doctors and specialists the gas thing was, it was Lorraine Barry that cured me.

“She approached me and said she heard I had 'plantars'. Apparently she’d had it previously. She showed me a device she got in America that goes under the arch of the foot.”

He added: “The pain was gone and hasn’t come back since.”

Rory was the first celebrity axed in this season's DWTS.

The actor and professional dance partner Jillian Bromwich took on the salsa to Los Del Río's Macarena, but the judges were not impressed with Rory's skills and even joked about it being like a "cheap cocktail on a holiday".

Arthur told him: "Sassy, sassy - just like you. On paper this should have been a hot summer day but in reality it was like the weather outside the studio tonight."

Brian added: "It was like one of those cheap cocktails that you get at the beach, sweet, colourful but if you had too much of it you'd probably wake up with a banging headache in the morning."

He managed to get 13 points from the judges - but got the lowest votes from the public and was sent out.

Speaking after his elimination was revealed, Rory said: "I'm delighted with myself that I did the show, no regrets at all."

Rory left Mrs Brown's Boys in 2017 after 26 years.

He said he gave O'Carroll his notice as he "hadn't been happy for a while".

He added at the time: "I feel that 26 years is enough so I decided it was time to go."

Dancing With The Stars airs on RTE One on Sunday at 6.30pm.
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