Mrs Brown's Boys star says Christmas special is 'laugh out loud funny'

 Brendan O’Carroll has promised this year's Mrs Brown’s Boys special is 'laugh out loud funny' after the last two were met with a very mixed reaction as viewers remain split over the BBC show

Brendan O’Carroll reckons we're in for a real treat this Christmas ( Image: BBC Studios / Elaine Livingston)

“I think since 2008 the world hasn’t had a break,” Brendan said. “We’ve had all sorts of challenges, we’ve had a pandemic, we have had wars, all sorts of worries and it just gets to the stage where people get unsure, they get nostalgic.

“They go ‘Oh do you remember before, all this was lovely, that was lovely, the summers were longer and Christmas was brighter’. Mrs Brown’s Boys has a kind of nostalgia to it. It looks back to that kind of late 80s and 90s comedy where you don’t have to worry about it, you just sit down and let it come at you. You don’t have to try and figure it out, you don’t have to have a university degree to understand it.

“It’s just gags and it’s ‘let’s sit down on Christmas Day, whatever else happens, let’s sit down and just have a laugh. I think that’s a big part of it, I think it’s nostalgia.” He said his character’s focus “completely switches from herself” which catches her by surprise during the duo of festive episodes, describing it as a “Christmas miracle”.

Speaking about the challenge of writing Christmas episodes year-after-year, the Irish actor said: “It is difficult to come up with different stories, but again I always remember a story Richard Curtis was telling me about when they were making Love Actually.

“When they finished shooting it, he went ‘Oh, it’s a disaster’, we need to do some more shoots, and they decided to go back and shoot it as a Christmas movie and set it at Christmas and it changed the whole flavour of the movie and it became, and still is, my favourite Christmas movie.

“Christmas is not Christmas without Love Actually, and It’s A Wonderful Life, then it’s Christmas. So, no matter what the story is, if you add Christmas onto it, it just becomes more magical, I think.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special airs at 10.45pm on December 25 and on New Year’s Day Special at 10pm

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