Mrs Brown's Boys couple ate Christmas dinner alone in family first

 Brendan O'Carroll and his wife Jenny are back in Ireland for the festive season and they will have their Christmas dinner alone before being surrounded by family in the evening

Brendan O'Carroll and his wife Jenny Gibney will be having Christmas dinner alone together for the first time since getting married.

The Mrs. Brown's Boys stars have jetted back into Ireland from their Florida base for the festive season and their grown up kids will be celebrating the day with their own families. But Brendan and Jenny will have everyone over to their Dublin pad for a family breakfast and again in the evening for a movie night.

Brendan told RSVP Live: "We are back in Ireland to see Jenny’s home. For the first time ever it is just me and Jenny for Christmas dinner because everyone is grown up and they have their own families."

He joked: "Because it is just me and Jenny it is going to be ham sandwiches while sitting in bed watching a movie. It could be worse!"

Brendan cooks up a storm on Christmas morning for his daughter Fiona and his son Eric and their loved ones and they all return again to watch Mrs. Brown's Boys live on TV. His son Danny is based in Donegal with his wife Amanda and his sons James and Blake.

He said: "Everyone comes to us on Christmas Day for breakfast. We have Superquinn sausages, fried bacon and bread with butter.

"After tea, they all come down in their pyjamas to watch the show.

"There will be a nap after dinner before the hullabaloo of everyone arriving."

Growing up, Brendan was the youngest of 11 children so it was always busy in their household.

He said: "By the time I got to my formative years, 11 or 12, we had somebody coming home for Christmas, so the excitement always began the week beforehand when we picked them up.

"To this day, I love picking people up from the airport. My favourite movie is Love Actually.

"I love the ending when you see people meeting their friends and family in the airport."

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