Brendan O’Carroll gives insight into famous family’s wholesome Christmas tradition

Brendan O’Carroll has provided an insight into his famous family’s long-running Christmas traditions.

It’s set to be a hectic holiday season for the O’Carrolls as they mark December 25 with the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special.

While millions of people across Ireland and the UK will be tuning in to see how Agnes Brown fares with the madness of silly season, Brendan keeps his Christmas family orientated.

Brendan O’Carroll has provided an insight into his famous family’s long-running Christmas traditions. Photo: BBC.

‘We have a tradition that the family and some of the cast, especially the Ireland-based cast, all get into pyjamas and wherever they are they drive over to our house.

‘And we all sit in our pyjamas watching the Christmas special on Christmas night, and Jenny [his wife who plays Cathy in the show] and I of course watch it like that. But it becomes a pyjama party and it’s a lovely night.

‘It has become very much a part of our Christmas and I think it’s become very much a part of a lot of people’s Christmas, kind of like Morecambe and Wise was for me,’ he told the Mirror.

Admitting that he didn’t think Mrs Brown’s Boys would become a Christmas favourite, Brendan paid tribute to the Irish mammy who made him a star.

‘Honestly, I’d buy her a villa in Spain and a Rolls Royce and get her her own jet so she could fly there any time, because my god that widow has changed my life. She’s put my kids through school, she’s put my grandkids through school. She’s bought them houses.

‘If you look at Dermot who plays grandad, he was my window cleaner. Now he has got the life he deserves, that everyone deserves. Pepsi, who plays Mark, he was my roadie. My son, my daughter, my sister, my wife, my sister-in-law – we’ve all milked this widow dry.

‘So I’d get her the world because we owe her everything, absolutely everything, and through her, the audience,’ he said.

After ten years without a full-season, the sitcom returned with four new episodes earlier in the year.

While it remains to be seen what the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special has in-store for viewers, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Agnes Brown.
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