Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll teases fans ahead of new season of show

 MRS Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll has teased fans about what they can expect from the new season of their show.

It was recently revealed that the hit comedy will make its long-awaited return with a fourth mini-series.

For more than a decade, Mrs Brown's Boys has been a fixture on the BBC's Christmas TV schedule.

However, the network has now confirmed that the show will air four more episodes on Friday, September 8.

Now the creator of the show has revealed what fans can expect from this new series.

Brendan and his wife Jennifer Gibney appeared on BBC's Morning Live where they spoke about the upcoming series.

The actor explained: "The Christmas specials are there every Christmas day and New Year's Day but this time around, it was different because it felt like going back to classic Mrs Brown because when you're writing the Christmas Special it's the Christmas Special.

"I spend the entire year thinking, 'What I'm going to do with the Christmas tree?'"

He added: "But this time it was the freedom to just write whatever I like and it was just lovely. It was great."

Brendan then went on to tease fans ahead of the show and hinted at what they could expect to see from the cast.

He said: "I always wanted to do something, I know this sounds ridiculous, comedic about depression.

"Agnes is always up there and she's always positive and I thought, 'Why don't we have one episode about her being down and the family not noticing?'

"It's hilarious. She wins the lotto or does she? And then there's a speed dating night which I couldn't do at Christmas."

They then went on to speak about how they love working with their family who are all part of the cast.

Jennifer explained: "Listen we're really, really lucky to work with our family.

"In this business, people have to be away from home a lot and it can get lonely and we're lucky we have our family around us all the time.

"And we get to tour away, we get to bring our grandsons with us the whole family goes together."

However, Brendan jokingly said: "It is wonderful but there are times where you can understand why some animals eat their young."
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