Mrs Brown's Boys icon details 'emotional' and 'most memorable' scenes in new series

 Mrs Brown's Boys icon Brendal O'Carroll has detailed what will happen in the brand new BBC series and promises to deliver some of the "most memorable" scenes yet

The couple will renew their vows (Image: BBC Studios / Elaine Livingstone)

Maria and Dermot are set to renew their vows on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The couple, played by Fiona O’Carroll and Paddy Houlihan, will do it with a lovely ceremony in romantic scenes on the new series.

It promises to be one of the most memorable episodes in the show’s history.

Brendan O’Carroll, who pens the sitcom and stars as matriarch Agnes, said: “Dermot and Maria decide to renew their vows.

“It was an emotional episode to film. And it was good fun.”

The big day doesn’t exactly go without a hitch because Agnes doesn’t approve.

Brendan said: “Agnes is completely against it because anyone she knows who has renewed their vows ends up getting divorced within two years.

“Her attitude is that you shouldn’t need to renew them.

“But she still takes over and decides to plan it all. And you can imagine what she’s like as a wedding planner!”

Filming the scenes was extra emotional for Brendan as co-star Fiona is his daughter.

He said: “It was weird to see my daughter in a wedding dress.

“It brought back memories of me sobbing my heart out at her real wedding!”

Brendan will return as Agnes (Image: BBC / Alan Peebles)

Brendan also spoke to Glasgow Times and described writing the series as a "rebirth".

He told the publication how he doesn't find it difficult to switch between being Agnes and himself.

The star said: "Getting ready, putting on everything, put on the mole - as soon as the mole is on, I put on my glasses, and there she is.

"And I even unconsciously find myself (putting) on the glasses and go: 'Oh, hello, there you are'."

He also explained how his character may as well have been based on his own mum.

Brendad added: "Particularly when I did book tours in America with the books, people would always ask, 'Is Mrs Brown based on your mum?' And I used to say, no, no, she's not.

Because my mum was quite extraordinary. My mum started her life as a nun, and then went on to have 11 kids. So she wasn't meant to be a f****** nun, that's for sure!"

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