Former RTE Mrs Brown's Boys star suggests alternative Ryan Tubridy replacement on Late Late

 Speculation is mounting about who will replace Ryan Tubridy as host

Rory Cowan (Image: Brian McEvoy)

Irish actor and entertainer Rory Cowan, known for his role as Rory Brown in Mrs Brown's Boys from 2011 to 2017, has weighed in on the debate about who should take over as the next host of the Late Late Show,

Taking to social media the 63-year-old actor suggested that "Irish and Northern Irish" comedian and television personality Patrick Kielty would be the “ideal” candidate to take over as host.

Cowan’s addition to the discourse surrounding who will replace long-standing Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy comes just hours before the St Patrick’s Day special kicks off, the first instalment of the chat show since he announced that he was stepping down from his duties.
In a post on Twitter, Cowan wrote: “It seems everyone in Ireland is talking about who will replace Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show.

He added: “I think ⁦Patrick Kielty would be ideal. He’s well capable of doing the serious and light interviews. I think he’d be a terrific host of the show.”

Social media users flocked to the comments to agree with Cowan’s choice, with one Twitter user posting: “Good call Rory!”

While another agreed, posting: “Yes! Great idea!”

However, some Twitter users disagreed with Cowan’s suggestion, posting that Cowan himself should fill Tubridy’s shoes. One posted: “Yeah - what about yerself Rory?”

To which Cowan replied: “No definitely not. I’d be the worst interviewer. I’m just not that interested in people.”

Another added: “You’d be much better Rory, not keen on Patrick he can be quite vulgar.

Defending his choice, Cowan replied: “Nothing wrong with a bit of honest-to-goodness vulgarity.”

One more posted: “I think you would be a good replacement Rory.” Once more though Cowan shot the, down by replying: “Ah here. Not a fart’s chance in a windstorm.”

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