BBC Mrs Brown's Boys Danny O'Carroll refused one item to lose three stone

 The actor said he tackled his 'addiction' to feel like a new person

Danny is still trying to cut out one specific item (Image: BBC)

Mrs Brown's Boys' Danny O'Carroll lost three stone by defeating his snacking addiction.

The actor, best known for his role as Buster Brady, fell down the same rabbit hole as countless others during the pandemic. While everyone was locked up in their homes, some of us turned to extensive snacking which left us with "lockdown weight," with many unhappy with the results.

Danny was just one person unhappy with the sudden change and turned to a nutrition app to follow his eating habits while taking up running. After shedding three stone, the actor feels like a new person.

Speaking to RSVP Magazine, Danny said: "I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself in the pandemic, wondering what I was going to do with no work.

"I don’t know what it is about running, it puts you into a world of your own, you feel confident and you feel like everything is going to be fine.

Today’s run done ✅

"For anyone struggling with their mental health, I would advise them to take up running. From there, I need to get back on [the nutrition app] MyFitnessPal.

"I try to watch what I am eating but I love food and I am addicted to chocolate. I try to get to bed early, before I start getting hungry but that can be hard to do."

The actor has been upfront about how difficult the weight loss journey has been. He added: "I am hanging in there. I am barely keeping the weight off, but I’m getting back into the mind frame of getting fit again.

"I am back in the gym and out running again. I am happy with the way I look now, I am not toned but I am happy. I was very heavy, I was 14-and-a-half stone at 5ft 8in and now I’m at 11-and-a-half stone."
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