Brendan O’Carroll finally reveals future of Mrs Brown’s Boys after Christmas special episodes

 MRS Brown Boys star reveals show future and what we can expect from the festive specials.

Actor Brendan O'Carroll has confirmed there will be a new four-part series of Mrs Brown's Boys, on top of the usual Christmas specials.

Mrs Brown Boys will be back in a new four-part series Credit: BBC

The Irish comedian, 67, created the sitcom and stars as Agnes Brown.

He told TV mag: “We were hoping to do a mini-series last year, just four episodes to celebrate 100 years of the BBC.

"But Covid got in the way. Not Covid itself, but as soon as the lockdowns were lifted, everybody was rushing for venues.

“The BBC were adamant that they wanted to get four episodes, so we thought: ‘Let's book studios now for 2023 and we can do the four then.’"

"So we’re hoping to do the four-part mini-series of Mrs Brown and then two more Christmas specials at the end of the year as well.”

This comes after an emotional Brendan expressed his gratitude for the hit sitcom becoming a Christmas staple.

"I absolutely love it - I get goosebumps that Mrs Brown has become part of Christmas.

"That's what people who come to the show say - 'Ah, it wouldn't be Christmas without Mrs Brown'. You're kinda going 'Oh my God, we established that'.

"Because in my day that was Morecambe and Wise. It wasn't Christmas without Morecambe and Wise. So it's a buzz."

The Christmas and New Year specials will see the family trying to suss out Cathy's new boyfriend Boris (who may or may not be a vampire), while Agnes is concerned about his "creepy" twins.

The cast sees Brendan returning alongside Jennifer Gibney, Fiona Gibney, Danny O'Carroll and Phil Cornwell also joins the group.

There will be two Mrs Brown's Boys specials airing over this festive period - one for Christmas and one for New Year.

The Christmas special, called Shining Mammy, will air on BBC One at 10:25pm on 25th December, Christmas Day 2022, and will be half an hour long.

Meanwhile, the New Year's special, called Mammy's Hair Loom, will air on BBC One at 10pm on 1st January, New Year's Day 2023, and will also last for half an hour.

The official synopsis for this year's Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special, which is called Shining Mammy, says: "It's Christmas in Finglas once again, and this year Cathy has a new boyfriend, Boris.

"A last-minute change of plans leaves Agnes babysitting the widower’s twins while he and Cathy head to Foley’s for a quiet, romantic drink.

"Not everyone is convinced he’s right for Cathy, and there are even suspicions that he might be a vampire.

"But it’s not Boris that Agnes is worried about; she has her own concerns over his creepy twins."

The official synopsis for the upcoming Mrs Brown's Boys New Year's special, which is called Mammy's Hair Loom, says: "Suspicion surrounds Cathy’s creepy boyfriend, Boris.

"Buster and Dermot are convinced he is a vampire and hatch a plan to save Cathy, which leaves her mortified.

"Sharon has boyfriend troubles of her own, and Father Damien has been called away to tend to some depressed chickens.

"Meanwhile, Buster convinces Agnes she should have her antique vase valued. Who knows how much it could be worth?

"After all, it has been handed down through generations, and she plans to leave it to Cathy as her inheritance."

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