Mrs Brown's Boys star Danny O'Carroll praises 'hero' dad Brendan in sweet tribute

The father and son duo work on the hit BBC comedy together, and Danny took the time during his touring schedule to pay tribute and poke at his dad and show creator Brendan

Danny O'Carroll praised his "best friend" and "hero" dad in a loving tribute.

The actor plays the role of Buster Brady in Mrs Brown's Boys and is the son of show creator Brendan O'Carroll.

Danny, Brendan, and other family members involved in the hit BBC comedy are currently on tour with Mrs Brown's Boys Live, with the TV star taking time out of his busy schedule to pay tribute to his dad.

Danny took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of himself as a young child as well as a current snap of him and Brendan dressed up as Buster and Agnes Brown accompanied by Queen song "You're My Best Friend".

Poking fun in the caption, the Dubliner said: "I told my Dad to embrace his mistakes, so he gave me a hug."

"My hero," he added with a love heart emoji.

It is clear that the O'Carrolls have a very close bond as they work together on Mrs Brown's Boys, both on TV and on stage.

Not only did Brendan hire son Danny to work on the show - his wife Jenny, daughter Fiona and sister Eilish also have leading roles.

Danny's tribute to Brendan (Image: Instagram)

In last month's issue of RSVP Magazine, Fiona told us about growing up with Danny and their other brother Eric.

She said: "Eric, my youngest brother, wasn’t a messer, but he was spoiled rotten. He was a surprise and he was born three months prematurely, so he got whatever he wanted.

"Rightly so though, there isn’t a bad bone in that kid’s body. I say 'kid', he is 30 now! Danny, on the other hand, was a little devil.

"He used to get me into awful trouble and he loved to see me getting into trouble. He was a torment – if he knew something was annoying you then he would keep doing it.

"He was the one who would jump out to scare you if he knew you were coming up the stairs with a cup of tea.

"He didn’t care if you got scalded, that was even funnier for him. He was the apple of my dad’s eye. I was the eldest and if the boys did anything wrong I got into trouble first because I should have known better. I was very serious as a teenager too."

Fiona, Eric and Danny have changed a lot since their childhood, but they are always there for each other.

She said: "We have ebbed and flowed through different life experiences and we have grown through them at different times.

"When one of my brothers is going through something, I might have gone through it before so I’m able to support them."

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