Brendan O’Carroll has a strict condition for continuing Mrs Brown’s Boys

 The actor has been busy ahead of the Christmas season as the Mrs Brown’s Boys cast reunite for their annual holiday specials and an all-new miniseries featuring the matriarch

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Danny O’Carroll says his father Brendan has a strict condition for continuing Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The actor spoke about where the future of the comedy lies ahead of the show’s all-new miniseries.

He explained that any new episodes or seasons depend on their annual Christmas specials.

Danny shared that the Mrs Brown’s Boys cast has a lot going on as they balance their live shows and TV series.

“We just filmed [this year's] Christmas Special up in Glasgow,” he told The Sun Online.

“So we have one on Christmas Day and one on New Year's and then we have a mini-series that we're doing early next year.

“There's always stuff going on, and as long as they [the BBC] keep asking for it we'll keep doing it.

“It's up to dad really but he will never retire.”

There is no sign of the programme slowing down, but Danny shared that that may change if their Christmas episodes stop.

He said: “But I think he said himself, if it's not going to be on on Christmas Day, he'll stop doing it.”

While the cast do rehearsals for their television series, their stage show is completely different.

Danny said: “I love the stage, TV is quite slow for me and there's lots of rehearsals beforehand.

“When you're on stage, dad doesn't rehearse so it's like every man for himself which is the fun and every night is a different show.

“But it's just not the same in front of the cameras as it is on the stage.”

His sister Fiona previously opened up about their end of year plans and when they’ll begin filming their new miniseries.

“In October we'll be filming Mrs Brown: two Christmas specials and the first of a mini-series of four episodes, the other three early next year," she told the RTE Guide.

“We've the live show in November at the SSE Arena in Belfast and 3Arena in Dublin. And we're planning more theatre dates for next year.”

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