Rory Cowan fans all say the same thing as he shares bizarre photo

 IRISH actor Rory Cowan's fans were all left saying the same thing after he shared a bizarre snap with a medical contraption on his face.

The former Mrs Brown's Boys star took to his social media to share a snap of himself at the Hyperbaric centre.

In the picture he posted, Rory was sitting down with a mask over his face as he inhaled oxygen.

He spoke about some of the benefits of this in his post as he said many sports starts also do this treatment.

Rory captioned the post saying: "At the Hyperbaric centre for an hour of inhaling pure oxygen.

"Sports stars swear by it. So if it’s good enough for Ronaldo then it’s good enough for me.

"I’m not ill, but apparently these treatments help prevent, or slow down the development of a myriad of illnesses."

Fans of Rory flocked to his comment section to share their love for the post.

Elizabeth tweeted saying: "I need some of that."

One fan said: "Not a great look Rory I've seen you looking better."

Bob wrote: "You look great Rory."

While Jo also tweeted saying: "Hope it helps Rory. Maybe we all should do it."

This comes after Rory recently revealed that he’s open to returning to Mrs Brown’s Boys, saying: “Never say never.”

The star admitted he hadn’t considered going back to the hit comedy until show creator Brendan O’Carroll hinted that he would be open to welcoming Rory back into the cast.

Cowan quit the show in 2017 to care for his beloved mum Esther, who died in November 2018.

But his long-time boss Brendan — who plays outspoken matriarch Agnes on the BBC/RTE series — said he’d never rule out Rory returning.

Rory told The Irish Sun: “Brendan is right. My mother dying was the reason I left Mrs Brown. But she’s gone three years now and I am over it.

"I haven’t spoken to Brendan but if he is thinking along these lines, it would be nice to meet up with him because I’ve fond memories of working with and being in Mrs Brown.

“I haven’t been thinking about this much. But now Brendan has put it out there, if the fans wanted me back, I’d never say never.”
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