Mrs Brown's Boys Brendan O'Carroll hasn't spoken to Gary Hollywood since he quit

 Gary Hollywood quit BBC sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys in 2020, with the show's creator and lead actor Brendan O'Carroll saying that the pair have spoken since his former co-star's sudden departure

Gary Hollywood (left), pictured with former co-star and boss Brendan O'Carroll (right), quit Mrs Brown's Boys in 2020 ( Image: BBC)

Brendan O'Carroll says he hasn't spoken to former co-star Gary Hollywood since he quit Mrs Brown's Boys, with the show's creator saying the cast and crew "miss him".

Gary, 42, had played Dino Doyle on the BBC sitcom from its debut in 2011 until 2020, having previously played the role in the stage production of it from 2004 onwards.

He however quit the show two years ago, with him said to have claimed he was paid less than other cast members - launching legal action, which was reportedly later dropped.

And now the show's creator and lead actor Brendan, 66, - who plays matriarch Agnes Brown - has opened up about where things stand with Gary since his sudden departure.

He told the Irish Mirror recently that Gary was a "great actor," further saying about his former co-star: "We miss him. He used to call me 'father'. He was part of the family."

Brendan - who appears on the show alongside several of his own family members - however added: "We haven't spoken since [he quit] and haven't heard a word from him since."

Gary is said to have launched legal action against Brendan, the BBC and production company Hungry Bear Media Limited last year, citing discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The outlet states that it had been claimed that Gary was paid 25 percent less than some of his colleagues for his role in the chat show spin-off All Round to Mrs Brown's.

It was reportedly also claimed that the actor - who left alongside co-star Damien McKiernan - had been dropped from one of the two Christmas specials just days before filming.

According to the Irish Mirror, Gary withdrew all claims in June last year during a preliminary hearing.

Gary had played Dino Doyle on the show since it launched in 2011 ( Image: BBC/BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Brendan has suggested he doesn't see a way back from it, telling the outlet: "I think that is it. It was the most bizarre time. I don't know where it came from. It came out of the blue."

He recalled receiving a call from his office to say that Gary wanted to return home to Spain earlier than planned, shortly before the cast got underway with filming a show.

Brendan said: "I was like 'But we haven't been to Glasgow [where the show was being filmed] yet? We are meant to be isolating. We haven't started yet'."

The creator continued: "He said if he's not going to be in both episodes he's not going to do it. And then he was gone."

The show's creator continued: "He came back in the press saying he didn't get paid as much as everyone else. He did. In fact he got more than some because he'd been with us longer."

Brendan added: "He was saying stuff to us about why he was leaving that didn't exist."

The Mirror approached Gary's rep for comment.

Gary previously opened up about having gone through a difficult time in 2020, with him speaking about it in support of the Mirror's campaign for better mental health provisions.

He explained it had been a tough year for him, saying that he had left a job after 20 years, lost his brother and welcomed a premature son, Ollie, who had health issues.

Gary said loved ones noticed a "black cloud" over him, with the actor "thankfully" taking their advice and seeking professional help from a counsellor.

Encouraging others to seek help if they need it, he said: "Don't be ashamed. Don't feel embarrassed. Please, please seek help. There's nothing to be afraid of."

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