Mrs Brown's Boys returning for mini-series in 2023

 Fiona O'Carroll has revealed filming will begin on a new 'Mrs Brown's Boys' mini-series in October.

The popular BBC sitcom has become a firm fixture in the festive schedules but there hasn't been a full series in nearly 10 years, and now actress Fiona O'Carroll - who is the daughter of creator and lead star Brendan O'Carroll - has revealed filming will begin soon on a number of new episodes.

Fiona - who plays Maria Brown, the wife of Brendan's titular character's son Dermot - told the RTE Guide: "In October we'll be filming 'Mrs Brown': two Christmas specials and the first of a mini-series of four episodes, the other three early next year.

"We've the live show in November at the SSE Arena in Belfast and 3Arena in Dublin. And we're planning more theatre dates for next year."

Fiona previously revealed a planned mini-series for this year was halted because of the impact of COVID-19.

She said: "There is lots of talk and lots of talk and until it is happening you will never really know. Yes, there is talk.

"We were supposed to be doing a mini series this year but, unfortunately, due to various different reasons it didn't happen.

"So, there is talk of it happening next year, a possible mini series. It is not just down to us, it is down to studio time, it is down to crew and it is down to cast."

Brendan - who plays Agnes Brown - previously revealed he would love to get U2 on the show, even though he isn't a fan of celebrity cameos.

He said: "Normally we would never have famous people as guest stars on 'Mrs. Brown's Boys'. It's not something we do.

"But the one thing I would love to do is have Bono and U2 on. I would get them to play Foley's at the end of the episode."

Brendan admitted he has the dream plot all figured out.

He said: "I'd have Agnes go up to them on the stage just as they start playing one of their hits and go, 'I don't want to hear any of that s***'.

"And then she gets them to play crooner songs. That's my one wish so let's see if that ever works out."

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