Mrs Brown's Boys' Fiona O'Carroll claims 'businessman' dad Brendan runs series 'Shrewd'

 MRS BROWN'S BOYS star Fiona O'Carroll has revealed her dad and co-star Brendan O'Carroll runs Mrs Brown's Boys in a "shrewd" business-like way, admitting she is aware she's "replaceable" to him in the BBC sitcom.

Mrs Brown's Boys: Fiona talked about her dad's approach to the series (Image: BBC/Getty)

Fiona is best known for playing Maria Brown in the Irish BBC comedy, which started back in 2011. Maria works alongside her dad Brendan, who stars as comic protagonist Agnes Brown. Although the tongue-in-cheek series centres around Agnes and her family's silly antics, Brendan takes the creation of the show very seriously according to Fiona. She revealed that she was always "replaceable" in the comedy.

The 41-year-old actress recently commented: "Dad has always made it very clear that we’re replaceable.

"He’s a very shrewd businessman and wants 110 percent from us and won’t tolerate less."

Talking about the pressure of being related to the front runner of the series, she went on: "He [Brendan] knows that people think we’re only there because of him, so he tells us that we need to work even harder."

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Fiona also reflected on how grateful she felt to have been a part of the sitcom.

Mrs Brown's Boys: Brendan made it clear Fiona was 'replaceable' on the series (Image: Getty)

"I feel like I was in my father’s shadow for a long time and was quite happy there," she admitted.

"Mrs Brown’s Boys has afforded me the opportunity to work and bring up my family, as I have a huge support network around me." has approached Brendan O'Carroll's representatives for a comment.

Before returning to screens for a festive special last Christmas, Mrs Brown Boys celebrated its 10th anniversary, with Agnes Brown struggling to keep tabs on her chaotic Irish family.

It has been confirmed the comedy will be back once again this year for another Christmas special.

It's clear family does mean a lot to the O'Carrolls though, with Brendan revealing how much he missed them during lockdown.

The 66-year-old reflected last year on how he and co-star wife Jennifer Gibney struggled through the pandemic.

He explained: "We went 15 months without seeing our grandchildren. It nearly killed us.

“They were in the lockdown, we were in the lockdown. It was just horrendous."

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Jenny continued: "We all appreciate our hugs much more now."

Although the series divides opinion, with many calling for its cancellation, Brendan's portrayal of the elderly Mrs Brown has captured the hearts of some fans,

Speaking last year about the show's appeal on The One Show, O'Carroll explained: "I think it’s - first of all, she’s hard as nuts.

"As all of our mammies were because they had to be. I think there’s two things; she’d help you bury a body, you know if she had to."

He added: "Although she can be a B, I, T, C, H sometimes, she just loves her kids

"She absolutely adores her kids and adores her grandkids.

"And I think that’s a redeeming factor for her, she’s full of love. And her best friend is her best friend, and will always be her best friend.

"There’s loyalty there to her. I just - she cuddles me inside."
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