Cardi B left thrilled as Mrs Brown and Madea react to her hit song WAP in comical Netflix film

 Cardi B was left thrilled when she discovered famous characters Madea and Mrs Brown reacted to her hit song WAP in comical Netflix film.

The rapper, 29, took to her Instagram Stories to express how happy she was that her track was featured in A Madea Homecoming.

Mabel Earlene 'Madea', played by Tyler Perry, and Agnes Loretta Brown, played by Brendan O'Carroll, were shocked at the graphic lyrics in the song. 

As the song began to play, Mrs Brown looked around and asked Madea: 'What did she say? A bucket and a mop?'

With Madea replying: 'Honey if it's that wet you need a gynaecologist,' with the pair both giggling.   

Cardi B shared Netflix's post with her 140 million Instagram followers and wrote: 'I can't believe this was real! I was so happy' 

Tyler brought his famous alter-ego Madea out of retirement for his latest film which was released in February, with Mrs Brown featuring in it.

It comes after Brendan was accused of making a 'blatantly racist' joke about his black co-star Tyler.

Earlier in the year, he appeared on an episode of The One Show alongside Tyler to promote their new Netflix comedy A Madea Homecoming.

Yet talk soon turned Brendan's hit BBC One show Mrs Brown's Boys, as he was asked whether he would have Tyler on to guest star.  

Brendan quipped: 'He's very expensive, and so far we haven't had anyone of his colour in there,' while gesturing to his own face.

He continued: 'So I don't know if we could have him in but… I'd love that, but more importantly, I'd love to do another movie with him.'

Laughing, Tyler then repeated 'Nobody my colour,' before adding: 'Diversity rules!'  

While Tyler laughed off the joke, viewers were left shocked by the remarks, taking to Twitter to condemn Brendan while also calling out BBC for not issuing an apology on air. 

Brendan's representative declined to comment when approached by MailOnline.

Mrs Brown's Boys follows loud-mouthed Irish matriarch Agnes (Brendan) whose favourite pastime is meddling in the lives of her six children. 

The BBC series has previously been accused of promoting racist stereotypes for its cliched portrayal of the Irish, as well as sexism, for the frequent gynaecological jokes, and homophobia for the cliched portrayal of Mrs Brown's homosexual son Rory (Rory Cowan). 

Brendan O'Carroll previously insisted the show will never be driven off the air by political correctness.

In an interview with The Irish Sun he said: 'I don’t think Mrs Brown will be affected [by political correctness] and I often question myself is Mrs Brown - me a man dressing up as a woman to play Mrs Brown - the same as blackface? 

'And I decided no it’s not, because I’ve never played Mrs Brown as a man playing a woman like they do in films like Mrs Doubtfire. Agnes is a woman like Dame Edna.

'I would never go out of my way to be racist or homophobic so I’m not that worried myself because I only write what I think is funny, and you hope that enough of an audience agrees with you.'

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