MAMMY I'M HOME: Mrs Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll opens door for return of Rory Cowan to show



I couldn’t do anything without checking with RTE but never say never on Mrs Brown’s return, says Rory Cowan

RORY Cowan has revealed that he’s open to returning to Mrs Brown’s Boys, saying: “Never say never.”

The star admitted he hadn’t considered going back to the hit comedy until show creator Brendan O’Carroll hinted that he would be open to welcoming Rory back into the cast.

Cowan sensationally quit the show in 2017 to care for his beloved mum Esther, who died in November 2018.

But his long-time boss Brendan — who plays outspoken matriarch Agnes on the BBC/RTE series — said he’d never rule out Rory returning.

Rory told The Irish Sun: “Brendan is right. My mother dying was the reason I left Mrs Brown. But she’s gone three years now and I am over it.

"I haven’t spoken to Brendan but if he is thinking along these lines, it would be nice to meet up with him because I’ve fond memories of working with and being in Mrs Brown.

“I haven’t been thinking about this much. But now Brendan has put it out there, if the fans wanted me back, I’d never say never.”

However, Rory stressed that he remained under contract to RTE soap Fair City where he is very happy playing the role of Bosco.

But he did reveal how he’d like to make his comeback to Mrs Brown’s Boys, if it was to happen.

Rory told us: “If ever I was to go back to Mrs Brown, I’d just walk in on Agnes and say, ‘Mammy, I’m home’, and not say another thing. Now that would be funny!

"But right now, I am very happy in Fair City. I couldn’t do anything without checking with RTE or Fair City, who I am contracted to. 

“But I never had a row with Brendan and agree with everything he says about our time on the show.”

Brendan yesterday raised the issue of Rory returning as he lamented Gary Hollywood’s departure from the role of Dino Doyle.

And he explained that Rory’s exit was purely because he lost his beloved mum — as he appeared to hint that a return could happen.

Brendan said: “His mother’s passing really took it out of him. She had Alzheimer’s as well as cancer.

“He was trying to deal and cope with that. She’s passed away and he’s now recovering, so we’ll see what happens. Never say never.” 

In reply, Rory told The Irish Sun: “I’d fully agree with Brendan. I’d say never say never. You don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The O’Carroll-Cowan partnership lasted for 26 years, with Rory first being Brendan’s PR man, then playing Rory in Mrs Brown on stage and on TV.

Rory recalled: “I got the role with just 24 hours’ notice. I went out and bleached my hair and bought a load of clothes and bounced out onto the stage, and camped it up big. The crowd loved it.”

The actor also admitted that a possible return to Mrs Brown in the future seemed more attractive now as Brendan had pulled back on their previous extensive touring dates — which included months of shows overseas as far as Australia.

Rory said: “That Brendan is going about it like this, does make it sound more appealing.

“I have two cats and I don’t want to be away all the time touring.”

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