Mrs Brown’s Boys star Fiona O’Carroll opens up about ‘struggle’ to be working mum-of-four after marriage breakdown

 MRS Brown's Boys star Fiona O'Carroll has opened up about the "struggle" she faces as a working mum-of-four after her marriage break down.

The actress announced back in December of last year that she and co-star Martin Delaney had split up three years ago.

Fiona appeared on Ireland AMCredit: Virgin media

The pair share four boys - Felix.14, Eli, 12, Isaac, 7, and Dexter, 6.

And the Dubliner has recently been cast in Copper Face Jacks the Musical which will run during August.

She'll also head on UK tour with her father Brendan O'Carroll and the rest of the Mrs Brown's Boys cast.

The show will be filming its usual Christmas specials with rumours of it returning for a mini series.

Between shows, Fiona explained that it can be difficult to manage everything.

She said: "It's been a struggle I have to say especially with the boys because they're very much into routine, you have to try and stick to it.

"I've been really lucky to have good au pairs over the years.

"Even during lockdown, I got a fabulous au pair called Franco.

"Everyone looks at me and goes, 'You have a male au pair?' and I'm like, 'Yeah of course I do because I've got four boys'.

"My ex-husband now lives in Portugal so I thought it'd be good for them to have a big brother influence in the house - you know someone to cut the grass or help me around a little bit.

"He has been absolutely amazing and now I have another au pair called Itor."

Fiona told how she currently has two au pairs during her busiest seasons.

She said on Ireland AM: "Four kids as well is too much one person.

"As a mother you do it by yourself because you're their mother and that's what you do.

"But you could never go to work and expect one person to take on four kids, especially when it's such a busy house and they all have their different things going on.

"You have to be really organised and lots of preparation beforehand."

When asked about the return of Mrs Brown's Boys as a series, Fiona admitted there were discussions about the idea.

She said: "You know what this industry is like, there's lots of talk and lots of talking but unless it's actually happening you never really know.

"But yes, there is talk. We were supposed to be doing a mini series this year but unfortunately due to various different reasons, it didn't.

"So there's talk of it happening next year, a possible mini series.

"But it's not just down to us, it's down to studio time, it's down to crew, it's down to cast.

"And with Covid - it's a massive turbulent time - there's a huge backlog.

"All artists and productions are fighting for time and space so it's hard to actually get that time to make stuff and to get a slot."

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