Mrs Browns Boys’ Eilish O’Carroll feels ‘relief’ after reuniting with sons after two years apart

 The Winnie McGoogan star shared how grateful and relieved she felt after her two sons, Stuart and Lee, came to Ireland to visit her after being apart for two years

Eilish O'Carroll and Marian O'Sullivan photographed at the Alex Hotel, Dublin for RSVP Magazine in March 2019. Photo: Ramona Farrelly

Eilish O’Carroll says she felt such “relief” after recently reuniting with her sons after spending two years apart.

Her boys, Stuart and Lee, both live abroad but visited their mum as soon as they were able to.

The Mrs Brown's Boys star opened up about how different being a mum and a grandmother is as she explains the panic she felt minding her grandchildren.

Speaking to RSVP Live, Eilish shared that one of her sons visited Ireland just before the Christmas holidays.

“It was gorgeous. They came the month before Christmas and it was just so lovely.

“We didn’t do anything, we sat, we chatted and had meals in, mostly takeaways because I didn’t even want to be bothered cooking because it was going to take too much time away from us.”

It wasn’t soon after that her other son also was able to make it to Ireland to reunite with his mum.

“My other son came over only a few weeks ago during the midterm and that was amazing.

“It was such a relief to see them after time apart. I had seen them on Zoom and WhatsApp but it’s not the same.

“It’s not the same as putting your arms around them, sitting having a cuddle, having a laugh and having some quality time together. I was ever so grateful that it could happen this year.”

Eilish shares that she has the honour of having three grandsons that she loves and explained how different being a grandmother is to raising your own children.

“It’s a lot less stressful because you don’t get too precious about anything and you have that privilege that you can spoil them.”

However, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t concerned about them when she was in charge of babysitting.

“When I look after them for my son, particularly when they were small and when they were babies, I was panicked something awful.

“I would keep going in and making sure they were okay asleep.

“I never did that with my own. You don’t have time with your own because you’re so busy doing all the other things.

“Whereas, when you’re a grandparent you know it’s not really your child and you don’t want anything to happen to them.”

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