Mrs Brown could break the US after massive A Madea Homecoming success

 MRS Brown could break America thanks to the the worldwide success of new movie, A Madea Homecoming.

Brendan O’Carroll’s alter-ego stars alongside Hollywood legend Tyler Perry in the hit, which has has become the most streamed movie on Netflix America since its release last month.

Brendan O’Carroll’s alter-ego stars alongside Hollywood legend Tyler Perry in the hit A Madea Homecoming. Credit: Splash News

With more streams than The Tinder Swindler and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the film’s success is a major coup for Finglas native Brendan, who could now use its success to launch a Mrs Brown onslaught in the US.

Brendan, 66, told The Irish Sun: “Whoever has the highest bid gets the boobies. It’s mercenary really. I don’t even think about where Mrs Brown should or shouldn’t go.”

But given A Madea Homecoming, in which Mrs Brown causes mayhem when she gatecrashes a graduation party thrown by a black family, has also hit No1 throughout the Americas and in 33 countries around the world, another Madea movie, also starring Agnes Brown, could be on the cards.

Actor-director Tyler, 52, said he is up for a sequel with Mrs Brown, this time on her turf in Ireland.

He told us: “There could be a sequel and if that sequel takes us to Ireland, I would be totally there.”

Much of the comedy in the Madea hit flick comes from a series of Irish expressions used by Mrs Brown which get lost in translation, when the Dubliner  shows up unannounced at a party for her grandson’s graduation in Atlanta.

Tyler recalled how lines in the script came from a real life misunderstanding on set when he thought he heard Brendan utter the N word.

Tyler told us: “Me and Brendan were always having great chats on set. One day I heard Brendan say ‘Knickers — but the way it came out…”

Meanwhile, Brendan and cast will return to his BBC HQ in Glasgow next month to start shooting a mini-series of Mrs Brown, the first standalone series since 2013.

The comedian has revealed the reason he is planning a mini-series rather than a full Mrs Brown run is because he’s pushed for time, with two years of postponed dates to play around the world.

And Brendan revealed that the mini-series is part of a bunch of special programmes being made to mark the BBC’s centenary year in 2022.

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