TV Fans Filled With Dread Over Mrs Brown's Boys Rumours


TV Fans Filled With Dread Over Mrs Brown's Boys Rumours (BBC)

For the love of feck's sake — Mrs. Brown's Boys is causing outrage again.

Brendan O'Carroll's mystifyingly popular sitcom first hit the BBC back in 2011. This is a safe space, right? I think we're all guilty of laughing at it in its early years, when a man dressed as a sweary old woman causing all sorts of mischief was still a novelty.

It's been more than a decade, and if social media was any indication, Mrs. Brown may as well be radioactive these days. The inevitable news of a Christmas special sparks repeated cries of, 'Haven't we suffered enough?' Yet, somewhere out there, viewers are clearly lapping it up, because it's not just coming back for the festive season — it's returning for the full whack.

While holiday television has been blighted with Mrs. Brown for years, the sitcom's last full run aired in 2013. However, according to a source close to the cast, they've been booked to film new episodes in just two months' time. 'Everyone is very excited. It’s lovely to be working on another series. The cast can’t wait to see Brendan’s scripts,' they told The Sun.

'This is something that everyone wants to happen, and we are working out the schedule for 2022/23,' another source added.

It's not even been confirmed by the BBC yet, but the same tweets are already rolling in. One user wrote, 'Just when you thought life couldn’t get any worse... they’re making a new series of Mrs. Browns Boys. Haven’t we suffered enough?' 'Cancelling Holby City but producing more of this sh*t?' another wrote. 'Have we not all been through enough,' a third tweeted.

Your complaints are futile. Whether it's your gran, your neighbour, your pal — maybe even you, and you just don't like to admit it — Mrs. Brown's Boys has a reliable legion of fans waiting to cackle at Mammy effing and blinding. It was voted the best British sitcom of the 21st century in a Reader's Digest poll, and Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie made nine times its budget at the box office. It's also won several National Television Awards, and O'Carroll himself has even been nominated for a BAFTA.

We can tear it apart to our heart's content, but it's not going anywhere. In all honesty, O'Caroll has the best advice to the show's staunchest critics: 'Just turn the f*cking channel.'

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