Brendan O’Carroll’s Mrs Agnes Brown and Tyler Perry’s Madea ‘like sisters’ in new Netflix comedy


HOLLYWOOD star Tyler Perry says his Madea character and Mrs Agnes Brown are “like sisters from different worlds”.

Brendan O’Carroll’s most famous creation is coming to the big screen later this month in a new Netflix movie.

A Madea Homecoming sees two elderly ladies - Brendan’s Mrs Brown character and Tyler’s infamous Mabel Madea Simmons - come together for a hilarious crossover.

Perry - whose previous Madea movies have raked in more than $600 million - reached out to the Irish comic after seeing his body of work back in 2016.

He explained: “Then I looked at Brendan’s history, and our lives were on parallel tracks in different parts of the world, with him doing live plays and then going into television too.

“So, I thought these two worlds colliding would be amazing.”

He also said when Madea and Mrs. Brown came face to face for the first time, they felt “like sisters from different worlds.”

Perry added that one of his favourite scenes from the film enjoyed O’Carroll’s character and the message it sends to audiences.

He revealed: “We’re talking about children — how we may have a dream and a hope for them, but we have to let our kids live their own lives, as much as that may pain us.

“Let them go in their own direction.

“That for me is one of the most powerful lessons, as well as understanding that parents are not perfect.”

Finglas funnyman Brendan’s wife Jenny Gibney will also star in her role as Mrs Brown’s daughter Cathy.


The TV star previously told how the collaboration came together and how they wanted to make a big screen production together.

Brendan said: “It was Madea meets Mrs Brown - that’s his character - and sparks were flying when we were filming. Tyler is a fantastic writer and performer.

“We are exploring what a movie would look like with both Mrs Brown and Madea and we are laughing a lot."

The latest story in the US franchise, which includes 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, centres around Madea’s great-grandson’s college graduation, but hidden secrets and family drama threaten to destroy the happy homecoming.

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