Will there be another series of BBC Mrs Brown Boys?

 Mrs Brown Boys has so far aired three series on BBC One

Mrs Browns boys (Image: BBC)

Mrs Browns Boys has been a much-loved sitcom since it first aired in 2011 as viewers follow the everyday life of Agnes Brown and her family including daughter Kathy and sons Mark, Rory, Dermot and Trevor.

The series has won multiple awards including a BAFTA for Best Situation Comedy.

The sitcom has been thrown into chaos after it was revealed that actress Fiona O'Carroll - the real-life daughter of Brendan O'Carroll - had split from her husband and co-star Martin Delany - who plays Trevor Brown.

The cast of the show are all family members of Brendan - who portrays Agnes - and family is a long-running theme of the show both on and off-screen.

Although a new complete series has not been aired since 2013, the show has returned for a number of special one-off episodes that air on BBC One.

Fans will be delighted to hear that Mrs Browns Boys will be airing two Christmas specials this year and every episode is available to stream or catch up on BBC iPlayer.

The last episode of Mrs Browns Boys marked the 10-year anniversary of the show and was a live Halloween special which saw Agnes believe she was seeing a ghost and Betty arguing with her son Bono over whether he was too old to dress-up and go trick-or-treating.

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