While raising money for charity, Brendan O’Carroll wears a festive knit with his wife Jennifer Gibney.

While raising money for charity, Brendan O’Carroll wears a festive knit with his wife Jennifer Gibney.

Brendan O’ Carroll, 66, and Jennifer Gibney, 57, of Mrs Browns Boys fame, raised money for the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Dublin on Friday.

The TV stars wore knit Christmas jumpers as they sold cookies from a pop-up shop in the city center ahead of the show’s Christmas special return.


Brown’s Boys cookies were sold for €10 each, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

Brendan told Dublin radio station 98FM that he knows firsthand the importance of the charity, which aids poor people.

‘We get a lot of people coming up to us and saying, ‘You have no idea how much this means,” he said.

‘Actually, we do!’

‘I grew up going to the Saint Vincent De Paul many Christmases.’

‘I used to believe the two men who came to the house were my Uncle Vincent and Uncle Paul.’

As a result, we understand exactly how significant it is.’

Chef Aly–real name Aly Mahmoud–who is the chef on the TV show All Round to Mrs Browns–joined Brendan and Jenny.

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ is back on BBC for two more Christmas specials.

Two one-off specials will leave viewers in stitches, with Agnes becoming a non-singing member of the choice, and the beloved Irish family getting a fresh start in the New Year.

Despite claims of backstage drama and the departure of two cast members, the divisive sitcom, which has been both loved and hated since its debut in 2011, is set to air two more episodes during the holiday season.

Mrs Brown’s Boys has previously been dogged by controversy, with two of its actors reportedly quitting the show over a pay disparity.

Damien McKiernan and Gary Hollywood, who play Dino and Rory, are said to have discovered they make less money than the rest of the cast, which is largely made up of star Brendan O’Carroll’s family.

Last year, an insider told MailOnline exclusively that the show’s behind-the-scenes operations create an unsatisfactory working environment.

‘The show is very UpstairsDownstairs,’ according to the insider, with a clear divide between Brendan’s family and the few actual actors like Gary and Damien.

‘The members of the family are…
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