RORY FURY: Mrs Brown stars Rory Cowan and Damien McKiernan in furious row over ‘nasty dig’ at Brendan O’Carroll charity drive

 A FURIOUS row has broken out between Mrs Brown stars Rory Cowan and ­Damien McKiernan, who both played Rory on the hit show.

Rory has accused replacement Damien of taking ‘a nasty dig’ at his former boss Brendan O’Carroll.

Last Friday's Late Late Show raised €1.5million for St Vincent de Paul.

The comedian appeared on last Friday’s Late Late Show promoting his annual charity drive with the St Vincent De Paul.

Following the TV appearance, and media interviews last weekend by Brendan about his work for the St Vincent de Paul, ex Mrs Brown star Damien tweeted: “Bono was right. Anyone who goes to newspapers or TV to talk about their charity work is just doing a PR stunt and it’s an exercise in self promotion. Desperate for attention…Bono is a wise man !!!”

However this provoked a furious reaction from Rory.

Commenting on the Damien tweet, he told the Irish Sun: “That’s a nasty dig. It’s a cheap shot. Brendan has been supporting St Vincent de Paul for over ten years by paying for hundreds and hundreds of Christmas dinners. He never did it for self promotion or anything else which is implied in this tweet. This guy Damien got it so wrong.


“Brendan O’Carroll was always very generous to charitable causes. I may have left Mrs Brown’s Boys but I couldn’t let casting doubts on Brendan’s generosity to charitable causes go by because they are not accurate. Brendan was donating huge sums per year to St Vincent de Paul.”

The actor, who walked out on Mrs Brown in 2017, said he was most qualified to speak having been 26 years in the cast and also worked as Brendan’s PR.

Rory came to Mrs Brown boss Brendan O'Carroll's defence

Rory told us: “I was there when Brendan initially decided to do it (work with the SVP). I was all for making it public but Brendan refused. He only spoke about it a few years later when the St Vincent de Paul asked him to, in the hope that it might encourage others to do the same. I can tell you the charity work Brendan does is all done out of the goodness of his heart.”

There is clearly no love lost between Damien and the Mrs Brown team — his bio profile says “wasted 2 years of my life”.


The former snooker player previously told The Irish Sun he never considered asking Rory for advice when he took over the part of Agnes Brown’s gay hairdresser son which the original Rory made famous.

Damien said: “Absolutely not. No, I’ve never met the chap. and I wouldn’t ring up and ask anyone for any advice about how to play the part of somebody else. I’m not him, I can’t act like him. I am a totally different person.”

The St Vincent de Paul previously hailed Brendan O’Carroll as outstanding and a huge supporter of the charity, saying it would be “impossible to put a figure on” what the big hearted funnyman had contributed over the years.

Meanwhile Brendan’s Mrs Brown’s Boys cookies have so far raised €35,000 for SVP this festive season.

Two festive Mrs Brown Specials — Mammy’s Mechanical Merriment and Mammy’s Micky — are highlights of RTE’s festive offering on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Damien played the role of Rory in the show after Rory Cowan left

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