Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas cast: Who stars in the 2021 festive specials?

 THE BELOVED British-Irish sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys is coming back this Christmas with two new festive episodes.

Much of the original cast is returning to the TV screens to bring their iconic characters back to life.

Two new 2021 festive specials hit the TV screens this Christmas / BBC

Who is in the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas specials?

Mrs Brown's Boys, the popular comedy series which first came out in 2011, is set to return to BBC One with two special episodes.

The cast, which is made up mostly of relatives and close friends, has remained much the same throughout the years.

Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown

Creator and writer of the sitcom Brendan O'Carroll, 66, plays the part of protagonist Agnes Brown.

Agnes Brown is a widow who lives with three of her six children, and is also carer of Grandad.

Agnes is the head of the family, known for her no-nonsense approach to life, and often becomes the subject of pranks and jokes.

She usually spends her evenings at the local pub Foley's with best friend and neighbour Winnie.

The sitcom originated from a short radio play Brendan O'Carroll performed in 1992.

He went on to write four books: The Granny, The Scrapper, The Chisellers and The Mammy, and a the screenplay to a film based on The Mammy, called Agnes Browne.

Following the film's success, O'Carroll wrote the series, in which he cast many of his own relatives as characters.

Jennifer Gibney as Cathy

Jennifer Gibney (right), plays Cathy, daughter of Agnes

Jennifer Gibney, 57, plays Catherine "Cathy" Brown, Agnes' only daughter in the Brown family.

The Irish actress, best known for her role in the series, is actually Brendan O'Carroll's wife in real life.

The couple tied the knot in 2005 and have toured all over the world with Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Apart from the sitcom, Jennifer appeared in

In 2014, she appeared in the 12th series of Strictly Come Dancing, and was voted off in week three after dancing to ABBA’s Mamma Mia with partner Tristan MacManus.

Her character Cathy is a lonely middle-aged woman on the look-out for a man, but is put off by her mother's opinions of her boyfriends.

Paddy Houlihan as Dermot

Irish actor Paddy Houlihan, 38, portrays Dermot Brown, the fourth child in the family.

Apart from the sitcom, Houlihan has also appeared in live stage shows, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, and spin-off chat show All Round to Mrs Brown's.

Husband to wife Emily and father to twin girls, Paddy is not related to any of the other actors on the show, but is best friends with Danny O'Carroll (who plays Buster Brady.)

His character Dermot works as a promoter, a job which send him walking around the streets in embarrassing costumes.

Dermot is married to Maria, and the couple have triplets, named after The Beatles: John, George and Ringo.

Danny O'Carroll as Buster Brady

Danny O'Carroll, 38, has taken on the role of Buster Brady, Dermot' idiotic best friend.

Buster often comes up with scams to earn money, roping Dermot as an accomplice, but eventually starts working alongside his best friend as a promoter.

In real life, Danny, who is the son of Brendan O'Carroll, is married to fellow Mrs Brown's Boys actress Amanda Woods and a dad of two children.

Apart from acting, he was also an executive producer of Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie.

Eilish O'Carroll as Winnie

Eilish O'Carroll, 69, who plays Agnes' next door neighbour Winnie, is actually Brendan's sister in real life.

The talented actress started singing in her early teens, and later joined the Windlesham Drama Group where she played numerous roles over the years.

In 1971, Eilish married and had two sons, named Stuart and Lee, before separating from her husband and coming out as gay.

Eilish's character Winnie lives next door to the Brown family, and is Agnes' lifelong friend.

Jimmy Gibney as Father McBride

Jimmy Gibney debuted as cranky priest Father McBride in 2013 New Year Special Who's a Pretty Mammy? as the antagonist.

The character also appeared in the 2018 Christmas special Exotic Mammy, as one of the three judges in Father Damien's Christmas house decorating competition.

Jimmy has been performing since the age of 6 all over Dublin in pantomime, musicals, tap dancing and singing.

Conor Moloney as Father Damien

Irish actor and producer Conor Moloney, 47, plays the character of Father Damien.

Father Damien is the priest of the local parish in Finglas, who comes to replace Father Quinn.

Monoley is also known for playing a detective in 2011 crime comedy The Guard, and 2003 mini-series Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka.

Dermot O'Neill as Grandad

Dermot O'Neill, 69, portrays Harold Brown, better known as Grandad, father-in-law to Agnes.

Agnes and Grandad have a deep rivalry and are often fighting, but throughout the series it becomes clear that Agnes actually cares for her father-in-law very much.

Dermot O'Neill had to pull out of recording series 4, as well as the new show All Round To Mrs Brown, due to receiving treatment for his life-threatening cancer.

The actor revealed in 2020 he was ‘over the moon’, after being given an all-clear from his cancer.

Fiona Gibney as Sharon

Fiona Gibney, real-life sister-in-law of Brendan's wife Jennifer, portrays Sharon McGoogan.

Sharon is the promiscuous daughter of Winnie McGoogan, a barmaid at Foley's Pub, who loves to shout and has had many affairs with married men.

Fiona is also one of the producers of the series, working for O'Carroll's own production company BOC-PIX.

John Masterson as Mickey Brown
A new character in the series, Mickey Brown appears as Grandad's brother.

Mickey, who is fresh out of prison, shows up asking the family for money to invest in a South African gold mine.

John Masterson has worked as a producer on the original 2002 series, as well as 1997 Treasure Island, and has directed The Tuesday File, a 1994 documentary.

When are the Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas episodes on

Both episodes air on over the festive period.

Episode One, Mammy's Mechanical Merriment, hits the screens Christmas Day (December 25, 2021) at 10:20pm.

Mammy's Mickey, the second episode, follows shortly, airing on New Year's Day (January 1, 2022) at 10pm.

Both episodes are around 30 minutes long and will be available to watch back on

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