Eilish O'Carroll says this year's Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas specials are the funniest ever and much needed light relief

 The hit comedy will air two specials  for Christmas and New Year's, and looks set to continue it's winning streak of topping Christmas TV ratings

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Eilish O'Carroll says this year's Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas specials are some of the funniest the show has ever seen - and will be sure to provide some much needed light relief for viewers.

The hit comedy, starring and created by Brendan O'Carroll, tops the TV ratings across the UK and Ireland every year as fans can't get enough of Agnes Brown's antics.

Mrs Brown's Boys will air two brand new episodes on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, and Eilish O'Carroll says fans are in for a treat.

The TV star, who plays the role of Winnie McGoogan, told RSVP Live: "Fans will absolutely get some relief because it is very funny.

"I actually don’t get to see it until Christmas Day myself so I’m really looking forward to watching it.

"We filmed the Christmas special, New Year’s special, and the live Halloween special in a five-week period so I can’t properly remember every scene - but I do know it was extremely funny when we were reading the script and rehearsing the scenes.

"So yes, this year's specials are very funny and people can expect light relief on Christmas Day - boy will we need it."

Eilish's nephew and Buster Brady star Danny O'Carroll previously told RSVP Live that this year's specials will be dedicated to the show's prop master Dennis Knotts, who sadly passed away from Covid-19 earlier this year.

Mr Knotts' death devastated the entire cast and crew of Mrs Brown's Boys as he had worked on every single episode of the show.

Looking ahead to how she will spend the festive seaso n, Eilish said she and her long-term partner Marian have no solid plans just yet.

The couple are toying with a few ideas, but haven't made any final decisions due to the ever-changing Covid situation.

"My brother Michael has invited us over for Christmas dinner but we haven’t made any hard and fast plans as of yet," Eilish explained.

"We thought we’d go to the UK and see my sons but I don’t think that’s going to happen at the moment because of the climate with Covid. We thought we might go the sun, so we talked about a lot of stuff and we haven’t made any plans."

Regardless of how they spend the day, the Dublin actress says she and Marian will be sure to celebrate it together.

She continued: "Whether that will be in Cork or Dublin or the UK we don't know, but we will be spending Christmas together.

"It's hard to know what to do because of the Covid climate. Do you make plans, do you stay where you are?

"If we do stay where we are we will make the most of it and have great fun, have family over to visit, and we will go visit and family as well, providing we’re allowed to."

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