Brendan O’Carroll says what we’re all thinking about restrictions on Late Late Show

 Brendan O’Carroll has summed up what we’re all thinking about the latest pandemic restrictions on the Late Late Show.

The Mrs. Brown’s Boys star, 66, and his wife Jennifer Gibney joined Ryan on the couch for the last episode of the year of the Late Late Show, with the main focus of the show being the Saint Vincent de Paul annual appeal.

However, before Brendan and Jennifer spoke about the appeal, Brendan had a few choice words for the government after it was announced that indoor events would be shut at 8pm.

‘I can’t stay long — the Minister said I have to be in bed by 10 o’clock’, the actor joked at the start of the interview, which got a hearty chuckle out of host Ryan Tubridy.

Speaking on the new restrictions which were implemented on Friday evening by Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Brendan said ‘our business [theatre] was the first to be hit, and probably will be the last to open… without a shadow of a doubt, we have to do what we have to do’.

‘[The restrictions] would make you angry’, he continued. ‘But do you want to have them in March, or in the summer?’.

While Brendan did understand the necessity surrounding the new restrictions, he also expressed his frustration with some measures which he is, rather understandably, baffled by.

‘Some of it makes no sense,’ he said. ‘8 o’clock… so the panto in the Gaiety, or the panto in the Olympia will have to have an 11am show and a 2pm show instead of an evening show.

‘The same amount of people are going to be at the show’, he said. ‘It doesn’t matter what time of day [the show’s are being performed]’.

Brendan certainly captured the mood of many with his concise take on the latest measures. Meanwhile, viewers were also left a little fed up after a familiar opening from Ryan Tubridy.
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