BBC Mrs Brown's Boys actor who was set up with his future wife thanks to cast on set

 Apparently the cast and crew were part of the reason the romance blossomed and the couple went on to have twin daughters

After meeting on set in 2007, Paddy and Emily went on to get married six years later (Credit - Artur Widak/PA Wire)

Mrs Brown’s boys is the kind of TV show where you really get a sense that the actors are actually very close in real life, from the genuine laughter that the cast members often exchange to the improv and ad lib jokes.

But two stars of the hit comedy are especially close. In fact, the pair met on set in 2007 and went on to get married and have two children together.

Paddy Houlihan, who plays Dermot Brown, and his wife Emily Regan, who played Maria Brown while Fiona O’Carroll was on maternity leave, tied the knot on July 12, 2013.

Apparently it was the cast and crew that encouraged the romance, which led to the pair welcoming twin girls a couple of years after their wedding.

Paddy told RSVP Magazine about their love story: “We hit it off straight away.

“She was the first person to slag me just as much as I could slag them, she was well able to give it back to me just as much as I could give it to her.

“She piqued my interest on set and I have been taking abuse from her ever since."

He added: "Then the two girls came along in 2015, so it has been non-stop since we got married."

When asked about what it was like to work alongside his wife, the actor said: “It is normal for us because we met on the show.

"There might be more stress if we were working together in an office but we have a very laid back work life.

"It was fun up until we did the musical because Emily is a great dancer and singer and I struggle at both.

"I found it hard to hear 'You are not doing this right' from my wife so that caused a bit of tension during rehearsals."

'Members of the cast all like to think they set us up'
Apparently, it was impossible for the couple to keep their relationship a secret from the Mrs. Brown’s Boys lot when they first began dating.

Paddy said: "We were being pushed towards each other, everyone saw something in the two of us.

"We couldn’t get a minute to chat without people asking, 'How are things going?' and the whole cast and crew made an effort to make our relationship happen.

"Even now, people still tell me I owe them a thanks or a drink because they all like to think they set us up but I like to think that I did some of the work myself."

He added: "We were at a party at Brendan and Jenny’s one night and we were sitting around a chiminea.

"Emily and I were chatting but the logs began to run out and Brendan was bringing out runners and God knows what to keep us chatting.

"By the time we got engaged, it was less about saying 'Congratulations' and it was more about saying 'Jesus, that took far too long, Paddy'.”

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