Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll says the show was woke ‘before woke was invented’

 WITH its old-school gags and stereotyping, Mrs Brown’s Boys is often viewed as the nemesis of woke culture.

                                            Credit: BBC Studios / Alan Peebles

 But creator Brendan O'Carroll, who also plays the show’s matriarch Agnes Brown, insists they’ve blazed a trail for political correctness.

And as the BBC1 sitcom marks its tenth year on our screens with a Halloween special tonight, he says that’s never changed.

He said: “At the time I wrote the character of Agnes’s gay son, it was a radio series, and it was illegal in Ireland to be gay. So I actually wanted to buck the system.

“And I don’t know where and how you use the pronouns ‘them’ and ‘they’ - but Agnes Brown is gender fluid after all.

“But in all seriousness, its very hard to do a comedy show without offending somebody.”

He isn’t too worried about becoming the latest victim of cancel culture, spurred on by snowflakes on social media

He said: “I must admit I almost want to get cancelled because with all these other things going, I feel a bit left out.

“But if the BBC write their policy on what goes on TV based on what’s said on social media then the BBC have lost a sense of their own being.

“It’s the audience that makes the call - and the best device for cancelling something is the remote control .”

But viewers aren’t switching channels, even after all these years. Millions still tune in for the shows - particularly the Christmas Specials which are ratings hits every festive season.

And Brendan has attracted some surprising fans.

Creator Brendan O’Carroll, standing, who also plays the show’s matriarch Agnes Brown, insists it has blazed a trail for political correctness . Credit: BBC

He said: “We had Tyler Perry making a guest appearance and we were sitting together having a coffee and he said in an offhand way: ‘I showed some clips of this to Beyonce and she thought it was hilarious. And Oprah thinks it’s brilliant too.’

“And of course in the UK the palace asked for advanced copies of the show. The Queen gets it, and given the last two years she’s had if we can make her smile this year I’ll be very happy.”

With the seal of approval from rock royalty and real royalty, I’d like to see the woke brigade cancel it now...
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