Mrs Brown's Boys' Paddy Houlihan: Family life, acting career and if he is related to Brendan O'Carroll

 Paddy is one of the UK and Ireland's most recognizable TV stars thanks to his role as Dermot Brown on Mrs Brown's Boys. Here, we look at his life away from the hit comedy

Paddy Houlihan is best known for his role as Dermot Brown on the hit BBC comedy Mrs Brown's Boys.

The actor has carved out a successful career for himself on the sitcom, also appearing in live stage shows, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, and spin-off chat show All Round to Mrs Brown's.

When he isn't busy working on the hilarious show, Paddy is a devoted husband to wife Emily and father to twin girls.

Here is everything you need to know about the star when the cameras stop rolling.

Who is Paddy Houlihan?

Paddy Houlihan is an Irish actor, who is best known for playing the role of Agnes Brown's son Dermot on Mrs Brown's Boys.

What age is he?

Paddy was born on October 16, 1983, making him 37 years old.

Where is he from?

The actor hails from Finglas, Dublin.

What TV shows has he appeared in?

Paddy's only TV acting credits are for Mrs Brown's Boys, but he has also appeared in the original movie, as well as chat show All Round to Mrs Brown's.

Is Paddy Houlihan related to Brendan O'Carroll?

Fans of Mrs Brown's Boys know that the majority of the cast are related to each other. Brendan's wife Jenny plays Cathy, his sister Eilish plays Winnie, and his son Danny, daughter Fiona, son-in-law Trevor, daughter-in-law Amanda and grandson Jamie all star in the show too. Phew! As it turns out, Paddy is not related to the O'Carrolls, but he is best friends with Danny, who plays Buster Brady on the show.

Is he married?

Paddy is married to wife Emily Regan, who he met on the set of Mrs Brown's Boys. Fiona O’Carroll, who plays Maria, was pregnant with her first child and Emily covered for her while she was on maternity leave.

The TV favourite previously told RSVP Magazine: "We hit it off straight away. She was the first person to slag me just as much as I could slag them, she was well able to give it back to me just as much as I could give it to her.

Cast of Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie attend a private function in The Morrison Hotel, Dublin, Ireland - 25.06.14. Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

"She peaked my interest on set and I have been taking abuse from her ever since."

When they first began dating, there was no way they could keep it a secret on the Mrs Brown's Boys set or on tour.

Paddy said: "We were being pushed towards each other, everyone saw something in the two of us.

"We couldn’t get a minute to chat without people asking, 'How are things going?' and the whole cast and crew made an effort to make our relationship happen.

"Even now, people still tell me I owe them a thanks or a drink because they all like to think they set us up but I like to think that I did some of the work myself."

Paddy and Emily's children

The happy couple are parents to twin girls Bonnie and Darcey, who they welcomed in 2015, two years after their wedding. Paddy and Emily often share snaps of their girls on social media, describing them as the "best of friends".

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