Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas episode dedicated to ‘adorable’ crew member who died from Covid


Mrs Brown’s Boys will pay tribute to Dennis Knotts in the Christmas special (Picture: BBC)

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll has paid tribute to crew member Dennis Knotts, who died after contracting Covid.

The props master – who worked for BBC Scotland – died earlier this month after a battle with the illness.

Brendan shared just how much Dennis would be missed, and a tribute has been planned for the upcoming Christmas episode.

‘He was the most adorable man and actually, we dedicated the Christmas episode to him, we loved him very much.

‘He’s been on every show that we have done with the BBC and that’s 10 years now. He was the props master on every one of them; he was lovely,’ Brendan told the Irish Independent.

‘We lost one of the family. There were people who had worked with Dennis for 40 years and they are just devastated; they can’t believe it.’

Mrs Brown is returning for three specials this year (Picture: BBC Studios / Alan Peebles)

Brendan’s wife Jenny Gibney, who plays his on-screen daughter in the series, explained how the cast and crew were filming the first of the two Christmas specials when they were given the news of Dennis’ death.

‘We were in the middle of recording that episode when we got word that he had passed,’ she said.

‘We did the show for Dennis; that’s how we all got through it. We said, “let’s do this one for Dennis.” And we did.’

The popular comedy will return for a live Halloween special this weekend, marking its 10 year anniversary after landing on BBC One in 2011.

The series, created by Brendan O’Carroll, follows the misadventures of Irish matriarch Agnes Brown as she tries to oversee her chaotic family.

The upcoming special promises spooky goings’ on in the Brown household ‘where anything can, and probably will happen.’

Brendan said at the time the episode was announced: ‘It’s a huge thrill to do another “live” show for the BBC.

‘It’ll be so wonderful so see them nervous all over again. We will be trying our best to stick to the script, but honestly a script is just a guideline Ha ha ha!! Bring it on!’

Mrs Brown’s Boys returns on October 31 to BBC One.

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