Mrs Brown's Boys' Brendan O'Carroll swears on air during 'moving' The One Show chat

MRS BROWN'S BOYS star Brendan O'Carroll suffered an awkward slip of the tongue on BBC's The One Show on Tuesday when discussing the return of the hit comedy series.

The One Show: Brendan O'Carroll swear live on air (Image: BBC)

Brendan O’Carroll and his wife and Mrs Brown’s Boy co-star Jennifer Gibney joined Alex Scott and Ronan Keating on The One Show sofa to discuss what fans can expect from the Halloween special of the BBC sitcom. To mark 10 years of the hit series being on air, the husband and wife duo and the rest of the cast will be returning to screens in a one-off live special later this month. However, as Brendan and Jennifer discussed the popularity of Mrs Brown’s Boys over the years, the show’s leading man appeared to swear.

The moment came after Ronan quizzed Brendan on why he feels the humour of Mrs Brown’s Boys has resonated across the globe.

Brendan has been playing the lead role of Agnes Brown since the very beginning while Jennifer has taken on the part of Mrs Brown’s daughter.

So Ronan asked: “Brendan, you’ve taken a particular North Dublin humour and, you know - the Irish Mammy, it’s been an international hit.

“What do you think it is? What’s the attraction?” The One Show host concluded.

“I think it’s - first of all, she’s hard as nuts,” Brendan began. “As all of our mammies were because they had to be.

“I think there’s two things; she’d help you bury a body, you know if she had to.

“And the other side of it is,” Brendan continued before trying to slip a pre-watershed swear word into the conversation.

He went on: “Although she can be a B, I, T, C, H sometimes, she just loves her kids.”

he One Show: Brendan O'Carroll and Jennifer joined Alex and Ronan (Image: BBC)

Ronan and Alex appeared to let the expletive go unchallenged after Brendan spelt out the word rather than say it live on air.

And it allowed Brendan to continue with his answer: “She absolutely adores her kids and adores her grandkids.

“And I think that’s a redeeming factor for her, she’s full of love. And her best friend is her best friend, and will always be her best friend.

“There’s a loyalty there to her. I just - she cuddles me inside,” Brendan finished, getting rather emotional at how much the character means to him.

And this didn’t go unnoticed by Ronan who replied: “I can see it actually moving you right now.”

Brendan let out a laugh before the quartet moved on to discuss the upcoming Halloween special.

And the Mrs Brown's Boys stars' appearance on The One Show had viewers talking, with many excited at the prospect of a new special.

Sally Price said on Twitter: “Brendan O'Carroll is the salt of this  earth...God Love Him. Xxxxx #TheOneShow."

While Siobhan weighed in: “Screw the haters. I love #MrsBrownsBoys and I can't wait for the special. Glad Brendan and Jennifer liked my previous tweet.  #TheOneShow."

Gerard commented: “Maybe it's being raised in a pub, but I really don't mind the old-fashioned smutty innuendo filled humour of Mrs Brown's Boys.

"Mind you, if it is one of the episodes the BBC is repeating for the 15th time I will watch something else. #TheOneShow."

And Chris argued: “#TheOneShow Mrs Brown’s Boys gets a bad reputation but I love it- always a highlight of Christmas! @brendanMrsBrown @JennyGibney."

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