Mrs Brown's Boys star Dermot O'Neill's married life with wife Chickie

 Comic actor Dermot 'Bugsy' O'Neill is best known for playing Grandad on hit BBC sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys, but away from the show he is loved up with his wife Chickie

Dermot met Chickie at a Brendan O'Carroll gig

Dermot 'Bugsy' O'Neill is best known for his role as Grandad on hit BBC sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys.

On the show, Grandad is Agnes Brown's father-in-law and a source of annoyance to the main character, who gets a thrill out of winding him up.

Away from the show, however, Dermot is not related to Brendan O'Carroll in real life.

Fans of the series know that the majority of characters are actually related to each other in real life, either as part of the O'Carroll family or through marriage.

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But this isn't the case for Dermot, who is happily loved up with his wife Chickie.

The couple waited 20 years to marry and tied the knot in 2012

Dermot and Chickie first met at a Brendan O'Carroll gig in Ballymun, and were introduced to each other by Rory Cowan.

The pair started chatting and hit it off and Chickie learned Dermot was Brendan's roadie.

Later on, Brendan's manager Gerry Browne invited Chickie to go out on a date with Dermot at the Barge pub in Dublin. Chickie agreed to go, the night ended with a kiss, and from there the couple's romance blossomed.

Dermot and Chickie had both been previously married with children, and waited 20 years before tying the knot in 2012.

The Mrs Brown's Boys actor asked Chickie to be his wife in a rather untraditional way, texting her after an argument: "Do you want to be Mrs O'Neill?"

Chickie said yes and the rest, as they say, is history.

Take a look at Dermot and Chickie over the years in our photo gallery below...

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